Back Pain treatment at our Miami medical center

Treating Back Pain

Chances are that at some time in your life you will experience back pain. At Icon Medical Center in Miami, Florida, we have numerous ways to treat your back pain. The kind of treatments we use depends on how long your pain is expected to last and how severe your back pain is.

Back pain lasting for more than six-weeks is considered chronic/long-term back pain. We offer numerous treatments at our Miami facility for both short-term and long-term back pain.

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At Icon Medical Centers in Miami, short-term and long-term back pain cases are treated with heat and ice.


Ice is especially helpful in reducing swelling, which makes it ideal to use the first 48 hours after your injury occurs. The therapists at our Miami facility know how to reduce your swelling with the use of ice.


Heat therapy is never used within 48 hours of a new injury. Our Miami center has therapists who can use heat on your back injury to help your muscles relax.

Manual Therapy

There are various kinds of manual therapy including mobilization, manipulation and massage. Our Miami facility has the experienced professionals necessary to perform manual therapies like manipulation.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

This device is used to expedite the healing process and encourage repair of your tissues.

Lumbar Supports

The physicians at our Icon Medical Center in Miami can assist you in finding the proper lumbar support for your condition. Some of these supports include pillows, braces and cushions that help support your spine and alleviate pain.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

This machine is also referred to as a TENS unit. It delivers small electrical pulses to your back by way of tiny, sticky electrodes attached to your skin. These pulses are used to stimulate your production of endorphins and prevent your body’s pain signals from traveling to your brain.

Painkillers and Muscle Relaxers

You may find ibuprofen effective in helping your back pain. Some of our patients might require a stronger medication that needs to be prescribed by one of our physicians at the Miami facility.

Sometimes, the muscles in your back will begin to spasm, leading to back pain. If you are experiencing this, our physician may prescribe a muscle relaxer.

At Icon Medical Center in Miami, we have specialists and therapists available to help relieve your back pain. Why wait? Contact our Miami facility today, we are here to help.