Back Pain Treatments at our Miami Medical Center

The Costs of Chronic Back Pain

For people coping with back pain, the costs can be tremendous. Missed days at work or school and the loss of the ability to spend time with friends and family takes a severe toll on their finances and quality of life. In time, your condition may lead to depression and lowered activity levels, which can lead to weight gain and additional increased health risks.

If your life has been affected by back pain, it’s time to visit Icon Medical Centers in Miami. To find out more about effective treatments provided by our experience Miami Chiropractic team that will relieve your pain, just call our office at (305) 858-8845 today!.

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Treating Back Pain

Back pain is a serious problem that has a detrimental effect on the lives of those afflicted. According to a recent report by the CDC, as many as 30 percent of Americans today are living with chronic back pain. At Icon Medical Centers in Miami, Florida, we’d like to try to improve that statistic.

Diagnosing the Cause Behind Your Pain

Before your Miami doctor can begin treating your back pain, the cause of your discomfort must be determined.

Some of the most common causes of back pain we see at our Miami office include:

  • An old injury that was never properly treated
  • Carrying excess weight
  • Repetitive stress injury
  • Medical conditions such as scoliosis, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia

First-Line Treatments for Back Pain

While it’s tempting to want to resolve your discomfort by taking a pill, at Icon Medical Centers in Miami, our goal is to restore your back and rid you of your pain completely when possible instead of masking the problem with medication.

If your back pain is caused by an acute injury, rest may be the first and most effective treatment we try. Allowing the muscles in your back adequate time to heal will not only improve your comfort level but also prevent further injury or permanent damage.

When your back pain is the symptom of another condition, your Miami doctor will work to treat that condition to see if your discomfort resolves. If we believe that carrying less weight will improve your pain, we’ll create a treatment plan to strengthen your core muscles and support you in weight loss.

Because starting a strengthening program can be challenging and uncomfortable at first and the Miami doctors at Icon Medical Centers understand your desire to participate in life, we will discuss medication options that will help you continue to work through your treatment program and live more comfortably.

Advanced Treatment Options

In some cases, surgery may be the most appropriate treatment option for your back pain. If this is true in your case, your Miami doctor will discuss the different surgical options that are available and help you devise a plan for treatment.

With the care and support of your team at Icon Medical Centers in Miami, you’ll be back on your feet and living life to the fullest soon. Call our Miami office today to schedule an appointment and consultation.