Lymphatic Drainage Massage at our Miami medical center

What Is Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Unlike deep tissue and other forms of massage, lymphatic drainage massage involves light movements and pressure to stimulate the lymphatic system, which is located just beneath your skin. These gentle, circular motions are performed by our Miami practitioners to help move the lymph through your body more efficiently, prodding your immune system into action and speeding up the toxin removal process.

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage after Liposuction

At Icon Medical Centers in Miami, our practitioners are trained in the art of lymphatic drainage massage. Our Miami doctors recommend lymphatic drainage massage for many of our patients, particularly those who have had liposuction or surgery performed recently. Lymphedema is one of the conditions that our practitioners particularly recommend lymphatic drainage massage for, but lymphatic drainage massage is also recommend after plastic surgery such as liposuction by the plastic surgeons in Miami. Patients are recommended to our medical center near Brickell from across South Florida by surgeons in order to help their patients reduce post-procedural swelling and bruising.

Your Lymphatic system

Your lymphatic system is a series of nodes and vessels, similar to your cardiovascular system, that moves a substance known as lymph throughout your body. Lymph not only provides vital nutrients to your organs but is also a crucial part of your immune system, removing wastes, toxins and invaders like bacteria and viruses from your body.

When your lymphatic system isn’t working as effectively as it should be, you may notice puffiness or fatigue, or you may feel run down in general. Lymphatic drainage massage is a treatment performed by a qualified Miami practitioner that stimulates the lymphatic system to work more efficiently and helps it to remove toxins from your body.

What Are the Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage at Miami’s Icon Medical Centers?

Our Miami practitioners at Icon Medical Centers have found that lymphatic drainage massage is excellent for removing toxins from the body and encouraging healing after a range of surgical procedures.

Miami practitioners may recommend lymphatic drainage massage to treat other conditions as well. Some of the other conditions that have been improved by lymphatic drainage massage include sinus conditions, eczema, severe fatigue, frequent infections and migraines. Your Miami practitioner can discuss lymphatic drainage massage as an option for these conditions and make a recommendation as to whether lymphatic drainage massage at Miami’s Icon Medical Centers is right for you.

Following Your Lymphatic Drainage Massage at Icon Medical Centers in Miami

Lymphatic Drainage Massage at our Miami medical center - Brickell Florida

Lymphatic Drainage Massage at our Miami medical center – Brickell Florida

Your Miami practitioner will discuss proper self-care following a lymphatic drainage massage. Some of the tips that will avoid a post-massage headache and other discomforts include:

  • Drinking plenty of water following your massage
  • Avoiding foods that are high in sodium
  • Avoiding alcoholic beverages

Remember that following your lymphatic drainage massage, your body will be excreting toxins, so you may experience some side effects like strong-smelling urine or increased sweat, which may also smell strongly. You may also feel tired following your session.

Are you ready to learn more about lymphatic drainage massage and how it can help you? Call the Miami offices of Icon Medical Centers today and ask for an appointment with one of our skilled Miami practitioners.