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Accident and Injury

Accident and Injury Chiropractor Near Me

Accident and Injury Chiropractor Near Me

Taking your health care seriously means more than going to the doctors only when you need to, especially if you have been hurt in an accident. The same applies if you have ongoing issues, like acute low back pain. Though there are instances where even an accident and injury chiropractor cannot stop the pain entirely, know that we can help you manage it and will work to help build up as much strength and flexibility as possible.

Accident and Injury Chiropractor Near Me Accident and Injury Chiropractor Near Me Accident and Injury Chiropractor Near Me

Icon Medical is highly recommended for those looking for a chiropractor in Florida. Not only do we offer that chiropractic care, but you also have a choice of top physical therapy and massage therapy treatments to choose from.

We make pain management our mission and are here to help those who have been in an accident, especially if you are suffering from these types of injuries:

Neck Injuries

Neck injuries are very delicate, and you don’t want just any Florida chiropractor to start treatment on it. While a licensed chiropractor can help, that is only after a specialist has checked it over and given the green light.

When you choose Icon Medical as the accident and injury chiropractor near me, you get that assurance. We have a neurosurgeon on staff who specializes in injuries relating to the skull and neck. You will automatically get checked over by our doctors for any serious concerns from the moment you call or make an appointment online.

With this guarantee, you know that your auto accident injuries, or truly any accident injury, is in the best hands for the job.

Back Injuries

Like neck injuries, back injuries can also be very serious. Anything relating to your spine is automatically going to be very serious. The spine is the information highway to your body. If it is too seriously damaged, you can lose function and feeling of your limbs. Though it takes a lot to lose involuntary systems, this is also a concern.

You never, ever want to seek medical treatment from a non-medical chiropractic physician if you have been in an accident. They can help with aches you feel from poor posture, but the moment you have been in a car accident or similar, you need the assurance only a medical clinic like ours can provide.

Joint Injuries

Joint injuries are very common after an auto accident and in slip and fall accidents. Your joints are unrestrained and, in the grand scheme of things, not important in an emergency. Just because they are not essential to your survival in those moments does not mean they are not deserving of the right care, and if you are dealing with joint pain, you should book an appointment with us to start your physical therapy treatments.

Muscle Injuries

You will have a great experience when it comes to muscle injuries, like muscle tears or bruising. We offer both physical therapy and massage therapy treatments to help ease pain, reduce stiffness, and boost circulation to improve your recovery rate and experience.

Chronic Conditions

Go through your medical insurance company and get the holistic pain management you need to handle your chronic pain condition. A chiropractic adjustment, for example, can help those with issues like osteoporosis. It is not a cure, but it is a non-medicated way to diversify your pain management solution.

How We Can Help After You Receive Urgent Medical Attention

If you did need to go to the hospital after your accident, know that you are not on your own after being discharged. Healing, even after surgery or your bones are set, can be a long and painful process. Schedule an appointment with our team, and we can help you with secondary care designed to help you manage your pain and improve your recovery rate. You’ll be more than satisfied with the service you get and can even improve the time it takes to get back up on your feet.

Building Your Personalized Treatment Plan

Every client we have enjoys their own personalized treatment plan. Not only that, but we work to make it an affordable option. Go through your medical insurance where necessary, or if you start treatment within 14 days, go through your auto insurance. We accept it all and can even offer you suggestions and advice on how to get the treatment you need covered.

For example, if you are pushing for a compensation claim, then get your lawyer in touch with us, and we will get started putting together the information and evidence they need on our end. We want you to get better, stress-free, which means making it easy to get your costs covered from day one.

Together we will help you recover faster, stronger, and better. Don’t be beaten down by an accident and get in touch with our team today.