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Accident and Injury Chiropractor

Accident and Injury Chiropractor

Schedule an appointment for the best chiropractor care you can receive in Florida. You will have a great experience at our clinic, guaranteed because we don’t just stop at your spine. We have many great physical therapy treatments for those who seek medical treatment for their injuries or their chronic condition. As a medical clinic, you can even get your costs covered by your insurance company.

You get access to all of our treatments, our medical personnel, as well as many great support services, all from the moment that you book an appointment for your accident injury. The only time we shouldn’t be your first call is if you first need urgent medical attention from a hospital, but know that in those cases, we are ideal to continue your rehabilitation after you have been discharged.

Accident and Injury Chiropractor Accident and Injury Chiropractor Accident and Injury Chiropractor

We know you will be more than 100% satisfied with the service you receive because you’ll be able to enjoy all these great benefits:

The Physical Benefits of Our Treatments

There are many great benefits to using our osteopathic services to help you along with your rehabilitation.

Reduced Pain

Pain management is the #1 reason why our clients seek out a chiropractor in Florida in the first place. Instead of going to an accident and injury chiropractor like us, we won’t need to compromise, as we can help you manage your pain with chiropractic adjustment and physical therapy treatments. For more serious, shooting pains we also have three pain management injections to choose from, which our medical staff will handle.

We even offer services for those who need a chiropractic physician to handle their chronic pain. A licensed chiropractor can help relieve pressure and pain along the spine, and when using physical therapies can carry that benefit on to your muscles and joints. If you have such a chronic condition, then it is highly recommended that you start seeing the best Florida chiropractor, Icon Medical, to get the ongoing relief we offer.

Reduced Stiffness

Muscle stiffness can greatly inhibit your recovery time. Using massage therapy and heat therapies can reduce the stiffness in your muscles and even in your joints.  

Improved Strength and Flexibility

Without pain and stiffness holding you back, you’ll feel more flexible and stronger than ever. You will need to be careful while you are still recovering, but by building your body back up while you invest in health care treatments from us, you can feel like you are the top of the world when you have finally recovered from your accident injuries.

Improved Circulation

The additional health care benefit to all of this is that the attention and efforts to reduce stiffness actually work to improve circulation. This circulation-boosting benefit applies to your spine and your muscles and can help you recover faster, feel more alert, and even help with issues like headaches or insomnia.

Reduced Recovery Time

Improve circulation, and you improve your body’s ability to send white blood cells to the damaged areas of your body. This can speed up your recovery time and make your healing more efficient.

Additional Services to Enjoy

We have a lot of additional services for you to pick and choose from. This way, you can always get the services you need in a comfortable environment.

Transportation Services

If you have an issue like acute low back pain, the last thing you need is to deal with public transportation. If you cannot drive yourself safely, let us know and organize for transportation to and from our clinic.

Language Support

If you are not comfortable being treated in English, know that we can also offer services in Spanish, so you are always heard and understood.

Legal Aid Support

Pushing for a compensation claim? Get us in touch with your attorney, and we will put together the evidence they need to help win your case.

Ready to Experience the Difference? Get in Touch with Our Team

Get in touch with our team at any time, though if you are coming to us after a car accident to treat your auto accident injuries, know that there is a time limit. You will need to seek medical treatment from us and start within 14 days of your auto accident to get your auto insurance to cover your costs. It isn’t the end of the world if you miss this deadline, as you can always go through your medical insurance company, but you are already guaranteed that coverage through your car insurer, and it will save you money to use this option instead.

Other than that, simply get in touch. You can call or use our digital form to make an appointment online. The first step will be to check you over and hold a consultation, at which point our doctors will then create a treatment plan just for you. Let us know if you want to take advantage of any of our additional services, and we’ll be happy to help.