Accident and Injury Clinic

Accident and Injury Clinic near Hollywood

Accident and Injury Clinic near Hollywood

When you choose a medical accident and injury clinic near Hollywood, you open up your treatment possibilities. Not only will you have the chance to get better, more targeted treatments for your recovery, but you can also get your care covered by your insurance. Icon Medical‘s clients frequently go through either their medical insurance company or through their auto insurance.

Accident and Injury Clinic near Hollywood Accident and Injury Clinic near Hollywood Accident and Injury Clinic near Hollywood

We see a lot of accident injury types and commonly treat those with auto accident injuries. However, if you are coming to us after a car accident, the only thing you need to remember is to start your health care treatment within 14 days. This way, you can get your care covered by your car insurer, but if you miss this deadline, know that you can always go through your health insurance provider instead.

We offer everything you need to get back up on your feet from the moment you schedule an appointment. Let us help with your accident injuries and old chronic pain issues alike. Thanks to our diverse range of treatments, we can provide you with the best level of care.

Types of Accidents We Can Treat at Our Accident and Injury Clinic near Hollywood

We can help you recover after many different kinds of accidents. The only time we will not be a good fit for you is if you first need urgent medical attention from the ER. Even then, our services can help you after you have been discharged.

1.    Auto Accident

It is highly recommended that you seek medical treatment from our Hollywood accident and injury clinic after your accident. Whiplash is very common after an auto accident and can result in lasting pain if left untreated – and that is just one of the more minor accident injury types. If you are already going through your auto insurance, then you, by Florida law, have the right also to get chiropractic adjustment and have that covered by your insurer.  

2.    Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall accidents are another very common type of accident here in the United States. Joint pain and acute low back pain are just a few of the ways that you can be injured after a tumble down the stairs, and a top chiropractor in Hollywood can help. Chiropractic care does wonders for all spinal related injuries

3.    Workplace Accident

Workplace accidents can mean many different things, from back injuries to cuts to broken bones. We can either help you feel like your old self directly or later on in your recovery after your doctor has cleared you. As medical experts run us, you will always know for a fact that you will get the treatment you need for your body at the right time.

4.    Sports Accident

A licensed chiropractor is the perfect specialist to go to for your sports accident injuries. A top Hollywood chiropractor can make quick work out of your back injuries in just a few sessions, but what about the rest of your injuries? Your joint pain and muscle pain? We offer massage and physical therapy treatments for a rounded, great experience.

5.    Other Accident

We can help you recover from minor injuries or help you through more serious injuries after being discharged. Our treatments put holistic pain management at the forefront of your care from the moment you book an appointment with our team.

Types of Injuries We Can Treat at Our Hollywood Accident and Injury Clinic

We offer massage therapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, and even targeted pain managing injections here at Icon Medical. With these treatments, we can handle a host of injury types and pain, so come to us if you are experiencing issues along your spine, in your muscles, or in your joints.

Chronic Pain Treatment Options at Our Hollywood Accident Clinic

The pain you are experiencing does not have to be from an accident, either. We frequently work with those who have chronic conditions that cannot be fixed, only managed. From osteoporosis to fibromyalgia, we can help you manage your pain without adding on to your medication list. Using our treatments directly where you hurt the most can relieve pent-up pressure and improve circulation through the affected area.

Those who have chronic pain conditions deserve a better way to manage their pain, which means diversifying your pain management strategy. As you can go through your medical insurance, you can get this relief covered on an ongoing basis.

Ready to Get Started?

You can either call our team or make an appointment online to get started. Once you do, you will start treatment with our medical personnel and your own chiropractic physician. Between the medical guarantee and our very talented team, you will be more than satisfied with the service you receive from Icon Medical guaranteed.