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Accident Care Clinic

Accident Care Clinic & Treatment Center

Accident Care Clinic & Treatment Center

The accident care and treatment centers that we provide here at Icon Medical can help you overcome the challenges to your health that an emergency or a personal injury can face you with. Our alternative treatment programs can help restore you to full health by treating a wide variety of common injuries that can occur unexpectedly. Read on to find out more about the accident chiropractic care that we can give you at Icon Medical Centers.

Accident Care Clinic & Treatment Center Accident Care Clinic & Treatment Center Accident Care Clinic & Treatment Center

What treatments do the centers provide?

Accident therapy clinics like Icon Medical can provide you with programs that combine a range of different chiropractic treatments that are conducted by licensed and specialist osteopathic doctors in Miami. The most common technique that we use on patients is chiropractic care, which involves hands-on spinal manipulations or neck manipulations being given to the spine and the affected area.

These adjustments can move your vertebrae to their proper positions and open up space between them. By doing this, we will relieve pressure on your nervous system and resolve the issue that is causing you to experience high levels of pain.

These spinal manipulations can also be combined with massage techniques. These include Swedish massage, which is the most traditional form of massage; deep tissue massage, where strokes are more pressurized and focus on one area of the body; lymphatic massage, which can help to drain lymphatic fluid; and neuromuscular massage, where passive techniques are used to aid the nervous system’s recovery. You may also have the option of paraffin bath therapy, where the affected area of your body will be submerged in paraffin wax.

Accident care clinics can also provide you with the option of undergoing physical therapy and back pain therapy near you. This type of therapy focuses on restoring motion to your muscles and limbs, allowing you to get back to your normal daily activities. It can also help to manage pain and encourage the healing of your body. Physical therapy can include stretching exercises, core and resistance exercises, and walking exercises that focus on your ability to balance.

This may include electrical muscle stimulation, where small impulses are sent to the affected area to encourage motion. This may also include hot and cold therapy, where alternate hot and cold compresses are applied to decrease swelling and increase blood flow. You might also undergo infrared therapy, where infrared light will enter the skin in order to encourage bodily healing.

You might also be offered the opportunity to experience neuromuscular re-education at an auto injury doctor near you. This treatment focuses on moving your limbs in natural movements that you were previously used to. There is also mechanical traction, where a traction force will be put on the neck in order to stretch the muscles.

Here at Icon Medical, we also offer pain management treatments. These include trigger point injections, which involve a small amount of anesthetic being applied to the affected area, and epidural steroid and facet block treatments.

What conditions do they treat?

The major health issue that we treat is pain, whether you are experiencing this pain in your head, neck, shoulders, hip, knees, or back. This pain can be the result of conditions such as:

  • sprains and strains,
  • fractures,
  • head and brain trauma,
  • dislocations and tears,
  • whiplash,
  • sciatica,
  • poor posture, and
  • repetitive motion injuries.

Spinal manipulations and pain management treatments can help to relieve this pain, release pressure on the nervous system, and ensure that your body’s natural healing processes are working at their maximum strength. These treatments can then help to relieve you from pain sooner.

However, the one factor that these issues have in common is that the majority of these will be caused by an auto accident. As an accident clinic in Miami, we cover injuries that have been caused by a number of incidents, such as vehicle collisions, workplace accidents, slip and falls, and sporting injuries. In fact, we will even work with your insurer to make sure that you are covered for the treatment that you pursue.

We also treat a number of chronic conditions that occur as you age or over time, as well as those that result from a traumatic injury. These can include degenerative disc disease, different types of arthritis, and osteoporosis. Regular chiropractic sessions can help to reduce the pain and inflammation that these conditions cause, as well as restore motion in the affected areas. This can allow you to lead a higher quality of life and make sure that you can enjoy your daily routine, regardless of your long-term health issue.

How do you get an appointment?

You can get an appointment by contacting your local doctor or medical professional. They can advise you as to whether a chiropractic clinic is the right option for you and can even refer you to us. However, you can also refer yourself if you’re looking for an accident chiropractor near you.

Contact us online or by phone if you’re looking for chiropractic care, accident care, or whiplash treatment in Miami. We can start your treatment plan and develop a way forward for you as soon as possible