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Something is terrifying about being in an accident, whether it is a vehicle crash, sports activity, slip-and-fall, or another type of event. The seeming loss of control and physical trauma that comes from it can feel overwhelming.

Even if you feel more or less alright after the accident, you should still visit an auto injury doctor near you to check whether your body has sustained a sprain or another type of injury. Neck or ligament damage can be significant, even if it does not feel that way immediately following the event.

 At the very least, a certified auto accident chiropractor near PortMiami where you live can help you overcome the trauma, both physically and mentally. The local clinic, which is part of the established accident therapy clinic Icon Medical Centers, is an excellent choice for this sort of treatment, as we focus our attention on accident victims specifically.

With more than 15,000 personal injury patients treated to date, we have significant experience. We are proud to have treated over 20,000 accident injuries, and our team continues to do so, day after day.

Our expert team understands what the most common types of injuries are, as well as the techniques and steps are necessary when handling sensitive bodily areas. We can help you whether you need help recovering from a major accident or are just looking for neck, joint, and back pain therapy in Miami

What Kinds of Injuries do Icon Medical Centers Treat?

We treat a variety of injuries, and if any part of your body is feeling out of sorts as a result of an automobile accident, we encourage you to give us a call to book an appointment today. Whatever the injury, the team of osteopathic doctors in Miami accident clinic Icon Medical can handle it.

Head and Neck Injuries

The head and the neck are by far the most commonly injured parts of the body during an accident. Obviously, the spine is a very sensitive component of your body, and even a minor accident can lead to whiplash.

Our team of chiropractors will help to relieve any head, shoulders, neck, or back pain in Miami. As well, the car accident injury clinic near PortMiami can refer you for physical therapy or massage, if they deem it necessary. If so, these services are conveniently available from our Icon Medical Centers team at our accident clinic in Miami, and the experts can coordinate their services to provide you with the best quality of medical care possible.

Back injuries

Likewise, if you have injured your back in an accident, our team of certified experts will quickly assess the situation and administer the proper treatment, to get your back in tip-top shape again. Exactly what this recovery plan will look like will depend on many factors, including your level of discomfort, the extent of the injury, and how often you attend rehab sessions.

Muscle injury

It is not uncommon to experience muscle pain after a car accident or another type of accident. This trauma can be serious, or not, but regardless, it is essential to have it promptly checked out. Ideally, you will seek medical help from an accident doctor near you immediately after the event.

By not going to a doctor after an accident, some people “keep” that muscle ache for months or even years after an accident, when it could easily be treated by our team of specialists. Getting treatment can help to alleviate pain and restore the quality of life that you enjoyed before the accident, or close to it. A car accident clinic near PortMiami understands that each muscle injury is different and crafts a personalized plan for you.

Other injuries

In addition to treating patients with car accident injuries, we also care for sports injuries, falls, and other accidental injuries. Those who have experienced damage to their back, spinal, and neck areas are among the most common injuries, and we have significant experience with these types of situations.

How do Icon Medical Centers Aim to Help with Accident Injuries?

Our accident chiropractor in Miami close to PortMiami has a full team of experts, all at your disposal after an accident. The professional team includes:

  • Chiropractors, who will decrease tension and pain in your back, as well as release pressure build-up. This expert provides a step-by-step plan and works with you to reduce pain and improve mobility, as needed.
  • Physiotherapists, ready to design a treatment plan according to your specific injuries, guiding you through the sessions. This can include Neuromuscular Re-Education, Infrared Light Therapy, Paraffin Bath, Mechanical Traction, and many other approaches, depending on what is best for your unique situation and based on your comfort level.
  • Massage therapists are here to relax your muscles and improve flexibility, which is usually profoundly affected in an accident. Deep Tissue Massage can relax you, or perhaps Lymphatic Drainage to clear up the injured area is best for you. Whatever the need, we’ve got it covered.

Taking the Next Step: Visit an Accident Chiropractor Near PortMiami

According to Florida Law, you are eligible for medical benefits and cost coverage if you seek the help of one of our specialists within 14 days of when your accident occurred.

That is why you must book an appointment as soon as possible. Do not hesitate as your health might be at stake. Call and schedule a meeting at the Icon Medical Clinic today!

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