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When you are in an accident of any kind, you have a lot to deal with in the aftermath.

 Of course, your first priority should be your health and wellbeing. Major injuries can present their fair share of complications from the onset, but minor injuries can also prove to be incredibly uncomfortable. Moreover, the recovery process from a major injury can come with nagging pains and discomfort as well.

If your injury was sustained in a sporting accident, prolonged pain and discomfort might prevent you from returning to the sport you love for some time. Furthermore, residual chronic pain for months or even years after your accident can get in the way of you performing that sport to the best of your abilities. The best thing you can do to avoid such a situation is to seek professional help as soon after your accident as possible from an auto accident chiropractor near you.

Icon Medical’s accident clinic in Miami has a staff of fully qualified healthcare professionals including board-certified physicians, licensed chiropractors, and massage therapists. Their car accident injury clinic can provide you with the treatment you need to recover from your accident and return to the sport that you love.

Common Accident-Related Injuries

When you suffer from a sports injury, particularly one that involved some form of collision, you might suffer for a while after the fact from one of the more common accident-related injuries. These injuries include whiplash, neck and shoulder pain, and a herniated disc.

Unfortunately, these conditions are the sort that if you fail to get the help you need sooner rather than later, you might end up with persistent chronic pain for longer than would have been necessary. At times like this, you need to find an auto injury doctor near you.

For this reason, you should consider having a consultation with the Miami accident clinic at Icon Medical. The staff is highly trained and able to give you an accurate diagnosis as well as a course of treatment. There is no pressure or obligation involved, simply an honest professional opinion and potential relief from your pain. Our holistic and friendly environment will make you feel at ease right from your first visit and our experts will be able to set you going in the right direction.

Sport-Specific Injuries

Many injuries that are incurred through sports are specific to the sport you play. For instance, tennis players will be all too familiar with the ailment referred to as tennis elbow. This condition develops over time when tendinitis occurs in the elbow.

The swelling from tendinitis results in pain and stiffness in the joints in the elbow. If left to progress without treatment, you can wind up with persistent shooting pains that can radiate from your wrist all the way into your upper back.

Your best course of action when you suspect that you have tennis elbow is to see a qualified professional who can offer a proactive course of treatment. By addressing the inflammation as soon as possible, you can prevent your tennis elbow from getting any worse. Tendinitis is not a condition that is solely reserved for tennis players, though. Any sport that places repeated pressure or makes constant use of a particular muscle or muscle group can result in inflammation of the joints connected to that muscle group.

Another sports-related injury that affects many people is hip bursitis. This is a condition that is more prevalent in women and results in radiating pain in the hips. This happens when, through regular physical strain, the bursae in the hips become irritated.

Bursae are the sacs of fluid located in your joints that generally make movements easier. However, when they become irritated and inflamed, the resulting pain can range from nagging to debilitating.

One way to approach the treatment of hip bursitis through accident chiropractic care. The experts at Icon Medical’s accident therapy clinic can provide you with the right care to help ease the pain from your hip bursitis and also prevent the condition from recurring. This way, you can return to your normal level of activity sooner rather than later.

Sports Therapy

In order to get back to the sport you love and be able to play pain-free, you will need to take a proactive approach to your recovery from your sporting injury. Ultimately, you will likely need a combination of medication and chiropractic care so that you can get back to your normal self.

The osteopathic doctors in Miami at Icon Medical are fully capable of helping you along in your recovery journey. They will assess your injuries and prescribe a course of treatment tailored specifically to you. They are the go-to solution whether you’re trying to recover from an injury on the field or you’re simply looking for neck, hip, or back pain therapy in Miami.

Once you have put the pain of your injury behind you, Icon Medical can also provide you with continued care that can help you maintain your physical condition. With sports massages given by highly experienced massage therapists and chiropractic care to help with any nagging discomfort resulting from your sport, you will be able to play to the best of your ability for years to come.


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