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People who have had an accident, whether in a car, at home, or somewhere else, have experienced brief trauma. It was a frightening experience, but one that was over fairly quickly. Yet just because the accident itself happened quickly and is now over, that doesn’t mean your recovery is complete.

In fact, many people find that they have to suffer from the consequences of their accidents for many months, years, or even the rest of their life. They are in chronic pain, and their health and mobility are greatly affected.

Those who have injuries resulting from an accident don’t need to suffer in silence. Visit your auto accident chiropractor near Wynwood, Icon Medical Centers, and see how we can help you live your life, doing the things that you want to do, rather than having to hold back due to pain.

Speak to The Experts

The experts at Icon Medical Centers’ accident therapy clinic are here to help you, no matter what the cause of your accident might have been. We understand completely just how difficult it is to get back to where you were after you have endured any kind of accident, and if we can help you do just that, we know that we are doing the right thing.

You must speak to the experts when it comes to recovering from your accident. From back pain to whiplash and many more issues in between, there is never any reason to suffer, especially when you have Icon Medical Centers as your local auto injury doctor near Wynwood. We are here to help with whatever you need, and our dedicated, professional osteopathic doctors can carry out exactly the right accident chiropractic care to ensure your back, neck, leg, shoulder, or hip pain is reduced massively, if not entirely eliminated.

The sooner you are seen, and a treatment place is arranged for you, the better; not only will you be in less pain, but you will also be able to enjoy your life much more. You will be able to play with your children, spend time with friends and family, be much more productive at work, and enjoy your hobbies once again.

What Is Accident Chiropractic Care?

Accident chiropractic care has a simple premise; the idea is that if your spine is not in alignment, the rest of your body can suffer. When you have an accident, your spine can easily shift, and if it doesn’t go back into place, other areas of your body can begin to hurt, sometimes causing mobility issues too.

A fully trained and expert chiropractor at Icon Medical Centers’ car accident clinic near Wynwood will know exactly how to manually manipulate your spine back to where it should be. They will iron out the kinks as they go, to not only ensure you can move without pain but to release any tension you might be feeling, too – and after an accident, that might be a lot of tension.

When performed correctly, chiropractic care is an ideal complementary medical technique that is entirely natural and completely non-invasive, which makes it perfect for everyone, whatever their age or medical history. Thanks to the hard work and many years of training that a chiropractor puts in, your life can become so much better, pain-free, and positive once more.

Treating Hidden Injuries

In the aftermath of an accident, it’s easy for a doctor to see where a patient is injured. There will be physical evidence, and that injury can be treated, but it doesn’t mean the pain will be gone. Treating the outward signs of injury doesn’t mean the patient can continue their life in the usual way they once did.

All it means is that the injuries that can be seen have been dealt with. What about the invisible injuries, the ones that cause a considerable amount of pain but that can’t be seen with the naked eye or even an x-ray?

For a long time, these injuries were either ignored or treated with medication in the hope that they would disappear, but we now know it is far better to use a chiropractic approach to solve these problems. When doing this, these invisible injuries that are so often hidden from the world can be dealt with quickly and efficiently, and that changes everything.

The Perfect Treatment Plan

Everyone is different, and that is something we really take to heart at Icon Medical Centers’ car accident injury clinic. As your accident chiropractor near Wynwood, we specialize in creating bespoke treatment plans to match each individual’s pain level and requirements. Just as there is no ‘one size fits all’ life plan, at Icon Medical Centers, an accident doctor near Wynwood, we know that there is no one size fits all treatment plan either.

That’s why we take the time to listen to our clients and ensure we take everything they tell us into consideration before we give them advice and work in managing their pain. Listening, asking questions, and creating tailor-made treatment plans are all part of the unique Icon service. 

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