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The recovery process after a car accident can be a long, drawn-out one. While you are taking active steps to allow your body to heal properly, it is also highly likely that you are trying to live your life with chronic pain. Such pain can range from nagging and uncomfortable to completely debilitating.

At Icon Medical’s car accident injury clinic, there is a firm belief that your best course of action in the days following a car accident is to seek an evaluation by a qualified and experienced medical professional at a car accident clinic near you.

Since some minor injuries, like whiplash, don’t always manifest themselves through intense pain immediately following a crash, your condition might develop without you even realizing it. That pain can increase exponentially in the weeks following a collision and the healing process in such cases can often take a long time.

Your road to relief from the pain caused by your car accident doesn’t end with the initial treatment of an injury, however. It might very well take the incorporation of regular chiropractic treatment or massage therapy into your wellness routine to help you live a life where you are better able to manage your chronic pain.

With that in mind, here are some of the treatment options available at Icon Medical’s accident therapy clinic near Sweetwater that can help you keep the residual pain from your car accident at bay in the long term.

Chiropractic Care

Many people who haven’t been involved in a car accident regularly see a chiropractor in order to help them maintain their overall physical wellness. This is because the treatments offered by chiropractors, such as spinal or hip alignments, can help alleviate back and neck pain regardless of how it developed. Many people suffer from chronic back pain that results from stress and tension in the muscles. A chiropractor can help manage that pain through expert and quality treatment.

The same concept can apply to anyone who has suffered a minor injury in a car accident. The pain and stiffness acquired through such an experience can plague you for months and even years after an accident. An accident chiropractor in Miami chiropractor can help you to better manage that pain through alignment methods and treatments that can help increase your flexibility.

Moreover, a properly aligned spine and flexible joint and muscles decrease your chances of incurring additional injuries in the future. This is why so many people who live active lifestyles or have labor-intensive jobs choose to receive routine accident chiropractic treatment at an auto injury doctor near them.

Physical Therapy

At Icon Medical’s accident clinic in Miami, the healthcare professional on staff recognize that a crucial part of your recovery process might involve physical therapy. A big part of physical therapy involves strengthening your muscles in the weeks following your recovery. This is necessary because while your body was healing, you were very likely encouraged to rest the injured areas. That rest, while important for the healing process, can result in certain muscle groups becoming weaker from disuse.

Physical therapists can teach patients simple movements and exercises that are designed to re-strengthen those muscles. Other exercises focus on other muscle groups that, when strong enough, can help take a lot of pressure off muscles that are still in recovery. By increasing muscle strength and flexibility, it is possible to experience a more complete recovery and overall level of wellness that you might not have even had prior to your accident.

The physical therapists and osteopathic doctors in Miami at Icon Medical will be able to provide you with a course of treatment that can see you reaching full recovery from your injuries as well as the overall quality of physical wellness throughout the various muscle groups of your body.

Massage Therapy

Many people see massages as a way to treat yourself and take a time-out from a busy schedule for a bit of pampering. While this can be the case with some massages, there are others that are designed to help loosen stiff muscles and promote recovery after an accident or injury.

Accident injuries can result in chronic pain in many people. Certain types of massages can go a long way to helping chronic pain sufferers manage that pain when received regularly. For instance, neuromuscular massages can help alleviate pain within the soft tissue of your back as well as the pain caused by certain muscular conditions. Icon Medical’s accident doctors near Sweetwater can provide neuromuscular massages if you’re in need of back pain therapy in Miami.

Lymphatic drainage massages can also be highly beneficial to those who are recovering from a surgery that they had to undergo in order to heal an injury following an accident. These massages work by encouraging better circulation in the area affected by the surgery. Not only can such a process aid in your recovery but it can also reduce the amount of bruising that generally follows a surgical procedure.

In addition to the massage therapies that are designed to help those recovering from an accident injury, the therapists at Miami accident clinic Icon Medical also offer deep tissue and Swedish massage treatments.

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