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Accident injury Chiropractor Near Me

Accident related injuries can have devastating, long lasting effects. Even when the bones have mended and the scars have healed, there can be joint and muscle issues that go on for many years. This means you can still be in pain from the car crash you were in decades later – perhaps even for your entire life. This is why it is essential to get help from professionals like those working for Icon Medical Centers. Our team of experts can treat auto accident injuries like this and ensure your life is not ruined forever.

Pain from back, shoulder, and neck injuries can mean you just don’t enjoy life the way you once did. You may find that you’re always on edge, worrying that anything you do could cause a flare up that will leave you immobile for days. Playing with the kids, enjoying sports, even carrying grocery bags or taking a walk could put you back where you started: in agony, unable to sleep, but unable to do anything else either.

Don’t let this happen. Contact Icon Medical Centers when you are looking for an auto accident chiropractor near me and discuss your injuries, see our chiropractic experts, and determine the right course of action for you. With the right chiropractic treatment, a car accident injury chiropractor near you can greatly reduce or even eliminate your pain, giving your life an extra boost, and allowing you to live it again.

If you’re concerned about how your insurance will work when it comes to this kind of treatment, don’t be. Icon Medical Centers have worked with many different insurers across the years, and we will happily work with yours, or the third party insurers from the accident if needs be. We can discuss everything that is happening with your personal injury attorney, and our team is willing to testify in court as to the nature of your injuries, what they have meant in terms of changing your life, and the treatment that is required to make things right again. Leave it to us, and we will help you through the entire process.

Car wrecks can bring a variety of different problems, and you might be suffering from one or more than one of the following: sciatica, whiplash, bulging or herniated discs, upper or lower back pain, shoulder pain, or neck pain. Whatever your particular injury might be, a highly qualified chiropractor near you for car accident injuries can be there for you at Icon Medical Centers. We have other expert accident doctors in our team as well, and you may require the services of some of them. We have an emergency doctor, an orthopedic surgeon, massage therapists, physical therapists, and a board-certified neurosurgeon. As you can see, we have a specialist for every ailment.

At Icon Medical Centers, we tailor a treatment plan specifically around the accident victim’s needs. Although we have many patients, we understand that they are all different, that their injuries are different, and that they will heal differently and respond differently to various treatments. That’s why we work so hard on creating a treatment plan that is bespoke to you. It’s true, we could just pull a treatment ‘off the shelf’ and hope for the best, but that’s not how we work. In order to give you the best possible care and to reduce or eliminate your pain as quickly as possible, we create detailed chiropractic care plans that take everything into consideration and give you the best chance of a quick recovery.

The one thing that is the same for all of our patients is the level of care and professionalism they receive. From start to finish, our team is one full of not only medical expertise, but also compassion. They will treat you well, look after you, and reduce your pain and mobility issues all at once. They are the full package, which is why, when you are searching for a chiropractor for car accident treatment near you, you should start with Icon Medical Centers. Once you see what we can do, you won’t want to look anywhere else.

Our chiropractic procedures are non-invasive, resulting in faster recovery times and less worry for the patient. As mentioned earlier, we do have surgeons on our team, and we will refer you to them if necessary, but if a chiropractor can help you without the need for surgical intervention, then all the better. We will do what is best for you, and we will keep you informed at all stages of the process so that you can make decisions regarding your own health and mobility as well.

We will leave you with one thought and one reminder: if you are injured in a car accident and you are suffering from pain in your shoulders, back, or neck, don’t leave it and hope for the best. It’s true that the body will attempt to heal itself, and over time you might start to feel better. However, you might also be setting yourself up for major long term complications, and in the meantime you could lose much of your income or the joy of life by being in pain. Seek assistance from a skilled chiropractor for a car accident near you as soon as possible, and the pain will be gone quickly, and your long term future will look bright. Contact us at Icon Medical Centers today to schedule an appointment and get started on your recovery after a motor vehicle accident.

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