Car Accident Clinic


Accident Clinic Near Brownsville

Accident Clinic Near Brownsville

Book an appointment for your accident injury or chronic pain condition and let our experts help you. We provide holistic pain management and improve your recovery experience from day one. We can help with serious injuries, like auto accident injuries, repetitive strain injuries, and even conditions like fibromyalgia or osteoporosis.

Your treatment will always be customized to suit your injury, your preferences, and your needs. Its why Icon Medical is the best Brownsville accident clinic for you.

Accident Clinic Near Brownsville Accident Clinic Near Brownsville Accident Clinic Near Brownsville

Health Care Treatment Options

We offer full-body treatments because we know it’s rare that any kind of injury only harms just one part of the body. Call or make an appointment online, and you’ll have access to all these treatments and more.

Chiropractic Care

You will be more than satisfied with your chiropractor’s service when it comes to your spinal health. Say goodbye to acute low back pain, whiplashsciatica, and other common spinal injuries and back pain in just a few sessions. The decompression itself offers immense relief from the pressure you feel daily and is a key part of good spinal health.

Physical Therapy

We offer so many highly recommended physical therapy treatments that you are guaranteed to benefit from at least a few of the options on our list. We have heat therapies to soothe injuries and improve circulation. We have therapies designed to stop muscle spasms and others that work to detox the body. Our treatments range massively because there are many ways the body can be adjusted and encouraged to heal and improve itself.

Massage Therapy

Massages aren’t just for spas. Our specialists know how to work with injuries so that you can enjoy the pain relief and luxury of a massage and see improvements to your injury. Circulation is one of the most important components of your ability to heal, and massages are a natural and simple way to increase blood flow through bruised areas.

Pain Management Injections

In some cases, acute pain cannot be handled exclusively through physical therapy treatments. In this case, the best option is one of our pain managing injections. These are very safe and will only ever be handled by our medical personnel. They offer targeted relief, and with three pain managing injections to choose from, chances are you will have a good fit available for your recovery.w

Health Care Coverage Options

Choosing Icon Medical means getting more than just a chiropractic physician. Instead, you get everything that you could possibly need to improve your experience post-injury. You gain access to medically supervised treatments and, most importantly, can even get your health care costs covered through a variety of different avenues.

1. Medical Insurance

Your medical insurance company will be the go-to for most of your treatment options. It is how you can get covered after a slip and fall accident, or even for your chronic and degenerative conditions.

Paying out of pocket might be an acceptable solution if your pain is due to poor posture or stress, as one or two sessions with a Brownsville chiropractor could likely do the trick, but for anything more complex, you will want to go through your insurer.

This way, you can get the full-scale treatment we offer covered for as long as you need it. 

2. Auto Insurance

In Florida, you have the right to urgent medical care after a car accident. This right would apply to everyone involved in an auto accident, even if you were the at-fault driver. You need to open an auto insurance claim, and you also need to seek medical treatment within 14 days of your accident, but other than those two stipulations, you can get your care covered when you book an appointment at Icon Medical.

3. Compensation Claim Coverage

If you were harmed due to someone else’s negligence and are opening up a compensation claim case against them, we can help. Just put us in touch with your attorney, and we’ll work to collect the evidence from our end on your behalf. We want you to be stress-free throughout your physical therapy and chiropractic care and know that worrying about admin and evidence can ruin what would otherwise be a great experience. Let us handle it so you have the chance to get your full recovery costs covered.

Schedule Your Appointment

Schedule an appointment for chiropractic adjustment from a licensed chiropractor and more just by calling us or using our online form. You will start with a doctor’s appointment where we check over your injuries, refer you if there is anything of concern, and then work on building a personalized treatment plan for you.

This treatment plan will then be passed to your chiropractic physician, who will perform most of the treatments in question. From chiropractic adjustment, all the way through our physical therapy range, your chiropractor in Brownsville will be there for you.