Car Accident Clinic

Deerfield Beach

Accident Clinic Near Deerfield Beach

Accident Clinic Near Deerfield Beach

It is highly recommended that you receive urgent medical treatment comprising of chiropractic care and physical therapy for your accident injury. Being allowed to go home without a visit to the hospital after a serious car accident, for example, does not mean that you are in the clear.

Pain is pain, and that pain is a sign that there is something wrong in your body. By investing in chiropractic adjustment from a medical chiropractic physician clinic like Icon Medical, you will be treating yourself to a full-scale recovery.

Accident Clinic Near Deerfield Beach Accident Clinic Near Deerfield Beach Accident Clinic Near Deerfield Beach

Benefits of Going to an Accident Clinic near Deerfield Beach

There are so many reasons to invest in the health care treatments offered by osteopathic doctors in an accident clinic. You’ll get everything you need from a top Aventura chiropractor right down to an emergency physician and neurosurgeon who will be on hand to inspect your injuries and oversee your entire treatment.

We can treat everything from your auto accident injuries to your acute low back pain to your chronic pain with this method, and provide all of our clients these five benefits:

1. Pain Management

Our treatments are designed to holistically help you manage your pain and, when they can, stop your pain from bothering you entirely. We do this by relieving pinched nerves, reducing inflammation and stiffness, and easing muscle knots. Our treatments are simple and safe to enjoy again and again throughout your treatment, which is also why they are ideal for those with a chronic or degenerative disease.

2. Improved Recovery Time

The additional benefit of our treatments is that they all work to improve the circulation throughout the injured area. White blood cells and blood flow are instrumental to your recovery, and improving circulation is the single best method to speed up your recovery. Giving your body what it needs to heal, and ensuring that your body has proper access to your injury are the only ways to heal faster.

3. Increased Range of Motion

Those who seek medical treatment from us are in for a great experience. Pain and stiffness both decrease flexibility and range of motion substantially, and our treatments work to counteract these issues right at the source. Our clients feel more flexible, can move more freely, and some even naturally develop a better posture. This benefit is most commonly seen when a licensed chiropractor adjusts your spine, as your back is the most pivotal point of your body.

4. Improved Cognitive and Immune Function

These benefits are strictly in regards to chiropractic adjustment. The spine is, after all, a critical point in the body. It isn’t just the bones that holds you upright, it is also where all nerves in the body connect up into the brain. Nerves and blood vessels alike can be pinched when the spine is misaligned. They can also be bruised.

There are many ways that these two critical components can suffer due to a back injury or condition. By using both chiropractic care and physical therapy we can improve the connection of both your nerves and your blood vessels.

In return we can help involuntary systems work more efficiently, like your immune system. The effect you are most likely to experience the biggest difference with, however, is definitely with your cognitive function.

Oxygen in the blood is essential to feeling awake and alert, so by improving your circulation we also help you feel incredibly and like you can take on the day.

5. Improved Wellbeing

The biggest reason you should book an appointment with our team, however, is that physical injuries and pain don’t just hurt, they take a mighty emotional and mental toll. The mere act of getting help from a top chiropractor in Deerfield Beach can do wonders towards improving your mental health, and that’s without adding in the very real physical benefits and relief you will feel after each session.

A Personalized Treatment Plan Just for You

You’ll get a personalized treatment plan comprising of our treatments and additional services, like transportation. We can even work with your insurance company to help you get care that you are covered for.

The only time this won’t be the case is if you have been in an auto accident. In this case you will want to schedule an appointment within 14 days of your accident to get covered through your auto insurance instead.

Start Your Recovery with Icon Medical

We know you will be beyond satisfied with the service our team offers. On top of our great treatments we also offer additional services like transportation or legal aid support to help you enjoy your treatment stress-free. All you need to access these services is to let us know how we can help you when you call or make an appointment online.

Our goal is to improve your recovery experience, so let us know how we can help and we’ll add your suggestions to your personalized treatment plan.