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Accident Clinic Near Deerfield

Accident Clinic Near Deerfield

Health care treatment doesn’t always have to be so serious you need urgent medical care from a hospital. It is just as important to seek medical treatment from an accident clinic near Deerfield for your non-life-threatening injuries as it is to get a bone set or a cut sutured.

Pain should not last days, and at Icon Medical you can get your accident injury and your chronic pain managed and treated effectively by a team of osteopathic doctors and a top-quality chiropractor in Deerfield, all in one place.

Accident Clinic Near Deerfield Accident Clinic Near Deerfield Accident Clinic Near Deerfield

Types of Injuries We Treat Here at Icon Medical

A chiropractic physician that is trained in both chiropractic care and physical therapy is capable of providing relief and care for many topical injuries. Add in the guidance and oversight of a medical team, and that chiropractor in Deerfield can be instrumental in improving your recovery and prognosis.

Neck Injuries

Book an appointment only at our Deerfield accident clinic when you have a neck injury. The neck is a very sensitive and very critical area of the body, and you never want to invest in chiropractic adjustment without first having that injury inspected by a specialist like our neurosurgeon, Dr. Anthony Hall. Here you will have that guarantee and that assurance, making us the safest choice to get treatment for your neck injury.

Back Injuries

Back injuries can be accident related, or that acute low back pain can be because of poor posture or even stress. It doesn’t matter the source, because we offer some of the best and most highly recommended treatments help stop the pain for good, or at the very least manage it holistically.

Joint Injuries

Here your Deerfield chiropractor will also be able to provide you with some of the best and most innovative physical therapy treatments. This way you can enjoy pain management in your joints as well as along your spine.

For joint injuries, which can occur in an accident or be the result of either repetitive strain injuries or conditions like arthritis, respond very well to heat therapies.

Muscle Injuries

Muscle injuries also react well to heat therapies, though we have many great options to choose from including massage therapy all the way to electrical muscle stimulation.

Types of Conditions We Treat Here at Icon Medical

Accident injuries may be our specialty, but all of our treatments offer holistic pain management that is ideal for those with chronic or degenerative diseases. These conditions can cause pain in your spine, in your muscles, or in your joints. We can even help those with fibromyalgia.

Our treatments are essential to diversify your pain management strategy. This way you can live a better, more fulfilling life.

Get Your Care Covered Here at Icon Medical

We accept insurance, giving you multiple ways to get your costs covered here at Icon Medical.

Medical Insurance Company Coverage

We accept coverage from big providers like Cigna, Florida Blue, and Ambetter. Simply get in touch if you are with a different provider and we can let you know what your coverage can get you here at our clinic.

Compensation Claim or Worker’s Compensation

We frequently help those who have been injured in an accident or incident that was due to the negligence of someone else. We know exactly what your attorney will need to help you win you your compensation case and can even help providing the documentation that will fight for your full compensation value. This way you can get your full recovery costs covered.

Auto Insurance Coverage

Every driver in Florida, regardless of whether they were innocent or at-fault in the accident, has the legal right to treatment. Following a car accident, you may think that the treatment in question is only in regard to those who need hospitalization, but this isn’t the case.

Chiropractic adjustment and physical therapy are also included when provided by an Aventura accident clinic like ours. You do have a time limit, however.

You should schedule an appointment to start your treatment within 14 days of the auto accident. This is the best way to treat your auto accident injuries anyway, so you do yourself a favor while ensuring that you get your care covered.