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Icon Medical are here for those who either suffer from chronic pain and want a more diverse, holistic pain management option or for those who want to improve their recovery experience. As the best medical chiropractor in Doral, we offer everything you need to feel better and even heal more efficiently. Here you will be able to enjoy chiropractic adjustment from a chiropractic physician, be able to seek medical advice from a team of doctors, and of course, have access to a range of physical therapy treatments on top of traditional chiropractic care.

From a medical checkup to the treatments you need, you will get everything from the osteopathic doctors at our accident clinic near Doral.

Your Consultation

When you call or book an appointment online, the first step is a consultation. You may have serious injuries that need further tests or treatment from a specialist or even the hospital. Spinal injuries, for example, can be very delicate. It would be best if you were in decent health before you start treatment with a chiropractor. If you have fractures or other precarious injuries getting an adjustment can cause serious damage.

At Icon Medical, you do not need to worry about your treatment causing damage because we start you off with a medical checkup. Our doctors do the checkup, one of which is a neurosurgeon who specializes in brain and neck trauma.

If you need a specialist, they will refer you to the right urgent medical treatment. If you are ready to get started with our treatments, then they will build you the best treatment plan personalized just for you.

Your Personalized Treatment Plan

Your personalized treatment plan is built up from the best chiropractic adjustment for your spine, from our physical therapy offerings, and from our pain management injection treatments. Between all three, we can help erase issues like muscle pain or acute low back pain and help you manage and recover from more serious, ongoing issues.

These treatments range from innovative options all the way to the oldest treatments in the world. They can all be tweaked and adjusted to suit your injuries, needs better, and preferences, so let your chiropractor and our medical team know. Sometimes we may adjust the treatment; sometimes we may switch you to a different one entirely.

Supportive Services

Comfort and confidence in your treatment is just as important as the quality of treatments we offer. Just let us know when you book an appointment what your accident injury entails and what of our support services you would benefit from.

Transportation is one of the most popular offerings that we have available. Many are unable to drive themselves. It could be because of the nature of their injuries, or it could be because the pain medication that they are currently taking forbids them from operating heavy machinery. Regardless of why you cannot easily drive or take public transportation to our clinic, we can help. Let us know if, when, and how often you would like us to arrange public transportation.

We also offer our treatments in both English and Spanish and can even help compile evidence if you are involved in a compensation claim. We are more than happy to tweak, adjust, and even offer personalized services on a case-by-case basis if it is within our ability to provide, so if you need additional support, let our team know.

Reinvigorate Your Recovery Today

Healing on your own at home is a possibility. The body is a very talented organism that is capable of healing and recovering from significant damage, but that does not mean that you have to do it on your own, or even that you should. Some injuries can cause lasting pain. Others can be left entirely untreated and never heal without that licensed chiropractor.

Usually, when you go to a Doral chiropractor, you cannot use your insurance to get coverage. Usually, however, there is not a medical team on staff who are there to check you over, create your treatment plan, and oversee your recovery. This difference means that you can start treatment and have it covered through your insurance company.

You can even save money if you have been in an auto accident. Never, ever go without checking over or getting your auto accident injuries treated. You are entitled to health care treatment from the moment you go through your auto insurance. You do need to schedule an appointment within 14 days of your accident, yes, but getting treatment from a Doral accident clinic should be the first step you take regardless.

Have a great experience at Icon Medical. Enjoy highly recommended treatment and be beyond satisfied with the service we offer on top of our treatments. We can help you with your recovery and cannot wait to hear from you.

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