Car Accident Clinic

Hollywood Blvd

Accident Clinic Near Hollywood Blvd

Accident Clinic Near Hollywood Blvd

Icon Medical can help you recover from your latest accident injury or your chronic pain condition. One of the most common types of injuries that we see, and treat are auto accident injuries, which can range from something like whiplash or acute low back pain all the way to life-threatening injuries.

We can either treat you directly after your accident if you are well enough to go home, or after you have been discharged from a hospital. The treatment we offer to those who need urgent medical rehabilitation focusses primarily on pain management and on improving circulation through your injuries, to improve recovery rate.

Accident Clinic Near Hollywood Blvd Accident Clinic Near Hollywood Blvd Accident Clinic Near Hollywood Blvd

We can work more hands on for those whose injuries have either mostly healed, or those who need our services first.  Chiropractic care can help erase issues like whiplash. Physical therapy can do wonders on joint pain and on bruising and other muscle injuries.

Whatever state you are in when you first schedule an appointment with us, we can help. We can help even if we cannot, because the first step is a consultation with our medical staff.

Our medical doctors (one of which is a neurosurgeon) will check over your injuries for any concerns. If they find something that demands urgent attention, they will refer you. If they give you the green light, they will then work on building the perfect, personalized wellness plan for you out of our treatments and services.

Visit Us to Treat These Accident Injuries

You will have a great experience when you Choose Icon Medical to treat your accident injuries.

Back Injuries

A chiropractic physician can stop back pain at the source. When that is not possible, your chiropractor in Hollywood Blvd will do their utmost to help you manage your pain at the source. There is so much relief to be had when you decompress your spine and invest in improving your spinal alignment.

Neck Injuries

It isn’t just back injuries that our Hollywood Blvd chiropractor can help with. When you call or make an appointment online know that we can also help with neck injuries. Unlike most other chiropractors in the area, we can offer this service with full quality guarantee.

Before any treatment begins on your neck our neurosurgeon will inspect you to check for any underlying conditions or issues that would be complicated by chiropractic adjustment at the wrong time.

If there is an issue, he will refer you to the right specialist, or to get further tests done. Otherwise, you’ll get started with a top-quality chiropractor right here at our accident clinic near Hollywood Blvd.

Joint Injuries

We want you to be 100% satisfied with the service that we offer, and we know if only your back and neck are treated you cannot get that. Joint pain and muscle pain can also plague you after an accident, but we offer many great physical therapy health care treatments to help ease away the pain and improve your condition.

Bruising and cuts

For bruising we offer massage and heat therapies for everyone who goes to book an appointment with our team. These two treatments do wonders to help improve bruising and speed up recovery by simultaneously reducing swelling and improving circulation.

Visit Us to Treat These Chronic Conditions

Our treatments are ideal for those who are recovering from an accident injury. They are also great for those who have a degenerative or chronic condition. We know we cannot heal these conditions, but we can offer new and effective ways to help you manage your pain.

The treatments we offer can help with joint issues like arthritis, and with spinal issues like osteoporosis. They are also ideal even if you suffer from a less serious condition, like repetitive stress pain. Whatever your condition, if you experience chronic pain, know that we can help by providing pain relief directly to the source of what is causing you stress.

Ready to Enjoy Your Own Personalized Treatment?

You will have access to a talented medical team comprised of an emergency physician, a neurosurgeon, and pain management physicians. You will also have a very talented and licensed chiropractor on hand to perform your treatments.

In short, you will get everything that you need to recover faster and more efficiently from your accident injury, and when you seek medical treatment from our team you can even get your care covered. Usually this will be from your medical insurance company, but for those who have been in an auto accident you have a different option. Just start within 14 days from your car accident and you can get your care included in your auto insurance coverage.

Our clinic comes highly recommended for auto accident injuries, so you’ll get the best possible treatment from the moment you schedule an appointment with us.