Accident Clinic

Accident Clinic Near Kendall

Accident Clinic Near Kendall

Recovering from an accident injury demands ongoing secondary care. A chiropractic adjustment, physical therapy, massage therapy, and even targeted pain management injections can go a long way towards improving your experience and your recovery overall. Going home after an accident does not mean you are in the clear. Being discharged from the hospital does not mean that you are done healing.

Continue your recovery with Icon Medical and enjoy everything that you need for a great experience. As a highly recommended and Nationally Accredited health care and accident clinic near Kendall, we know you will be more than satisfied with the service we offer.

Accident Clinic Near Kendall Accident Clinic Near Kendall Accident Clinic Near Kendall

Benefits of an Accident Injury Clinic

A licensed chiropractor and medical team working together is a match made in Heaven, and the benefits you’ll enjoy when you schedule an appointment with our team range from pain management all the way to improved cognitive function.

1. Pain Management

The primary reason why our clients seek medical treatment from our clinic is the holistic pain management that our treatments offer. Every single treatment works to reduce and help you manage your pain. In some cases, for example, when your chiropractic physician work on an issue like acute low back pain, we can even stop that pain in its tracks.

The type of pain management that our treatments offer depends entirely on the source of your pain. A pinched nerve can cause a lot of pain, but by releasing the nerve through whatever treatment suits the injury best, we can stop the pain fairly quickly.

Most other injuries hurt due to the tissue or tendon damage involved. Heat can soothe the pain, as well as other treatments like massage therapy or infrared therapy. The relief you feel through holistic treatments is important because it avoids the issue of overdoing it with pain medication and also works to improve the cause of your pain.

2. Improved Circulation

Circulation improves a lot. It improves your recovery rate in most cases, but your spine benefits are immense when it comes to your spine. Your chiropractor in Kendall can adjust your spine, and you may find that you feel more alert. This is because blood vessels can be pinched along your spine, so improving your spinal health will result in more oxygen to your brain. You may feel more alert, may experience fewer headaches, and may even get a better night’s sleep.

3. Improved Flexibility and Range of Motion

Pain and stiffness can greatly reduce flexibility and limit your range of motion. Reducing both of those issues through urgent medical therapy and a chiropractic adjustment can improve how you move from every session. Some of our clients even notice their posture improves or that they can move more freely than they even did before their accident.

4. Inflammation and Swelling Reduction

Inflammation and swelling are natural defense mechanisms, but they can cause pain and stop the body from healing. Our treatments will work to reduce both issues so that you can kickstart your recovery.

Typically, this is done with either cryotherapy or with hot/cold therapy. The cold temperatures allow the swelling to cool, while the heat or a follow-up treatment works to improve circulation.

5. Improved Recovery Rate

White blood cells are responsible for your recovery. The body sends them to the injured area to begin the healing process, but your recovery can take undue time if something is blocking the way. By reducing these blocks and improving circulation, we can speed up your recovery rate.

Why Icon Medical is the Best Accident Clinic Near Kendall

Icon Medical is a highly recommended chiropractic care treatment clinic that accepts medical insurance. This is a key feature that makes a huge difference for many of our clients, both for those who come to us with issues like auto accident injuries all the way to those who have chronic pain conditions that need ongoing treatment.

As our treatment involves both holistic pain management treatments and additional support services like transportation or even bilingual support, you can be rest assured that you will be supported throughout your treatment with our great team.

You can get covered through your medical insurance company, like Cigna, Florida Blue, or even Ambetter. You can alternatively go through your auto insurance if you start treatment within 14 days of your auto accident. If you have been in a car accident, try to stick to this timeline, as it’s cheaper and more efficient to get your care covered through your open auto insurance claim.

The best possible care catered for your individual recovery. There is every reason to treat yourself to the services available at our Kendall accident clinic and book an appointment with our team, so get in touch by phone or by using our online form today.