Accident Doctor

Accident Doctor in Brickell

Accident Doctor in Brickell

An auto accident isn’t just going to cause physical injuries that everyone can see. It can also cause chronic pain injuries that are invisible but still devastating to have to deal with. This chronic pain or acute low back pain, or any other injuries from a car accident can last a lifetime if nothing is done, and unfortunately, in many cases, that is what happens – nothing.

This is not because the person suffering from the pain of their accident injury wants to do nothing; it’s simply that they don’t know there is something that can be done.

Accident Doctor in Brickell Accident Doctor in Brickell Accident Doctor in Brickell

This is why Icon Medical Centers, accident doctor in Brickell, is here for you. We can do something about your car accident injury, and we can ensure that your life is pain-free once more. Book an appointment with us, and you can speak to experts about the very best treatment plan to help you.

This might be pure chiropractic care, or it could include physical therapy, massage therapy, or even help from a doctor. Whatever the case, once you choose Icon Medical Centers as your accident doctor in Brickell, you can start putting your life back together.

Your Life Can Become Positive

Suffering from chronic pain in the back, shoulders, hips, neck, and other areas of the body after a car accident or sporting injury or a simple trip and fall can change your life in many ways, and most – if not all – of those ways will be negative.

Yet once you schedule an appointment to see one of the accident doctors in Brickell at Icon Medical Centers, this issue can be put in the past. We will go further than other Miami chiropractors to offer you the ideal treatment plan for your specific problem, changing your life into a positive one again.

You will have work to do, of course. The more effort you put in, the sooner the pain management and chiropractic treatment that Icon Medical Centers are carrying out will begin to work. When you take charge of your own health care, good things can happen.

Icon and Your Insurance Company

Car insurance is crucial. Not only is it a legal requirement if you are going to drive a car, but if you have an auto accident, it is what will help to pay for car repairs and, if required, your medical bills, and that includes any chiropractic care you might need.

So, contacting your insurance company once you have been in a car accident and you need a licensed chiropractor to give you specialist chiropractic adjustment is something that must be done within 14 days of your accident so treatment can be covered.

Yet often, a patient who requires chiropractic care will be reluctant to speak to their insurance company. They feel it will be too difficult to explain the situation, and they worry that their chiropractic physician’s work won’t be covered. This can result in a longer recovery time due to stress, not to mention the expense.

Let Icon Medical Centers, accident doctor in Brickell, speak to your insurance company for you. Let us explain what happened in a professional, unbiased, unemotional way. Let us give the details of your accident and the resulting chronic pain and the information about the treatment plan you need to follow to get better.

If we can do this for you as we have done for so many patients in the past, it will remove stress from your life and allow you to heal properly once more. There are so many reasons why Icon Medical Centers is such a highly recommended accident doctor in Brickell, and the fact that we will deal with your insurance company for you is just one of them.

What Conditions Can Icon Medical Centers Treat?

When you are involved in an auto accident, the results can be very wide-ranging. You might walk away without a scratch, or you could be in hospital for many weeks. You might only have cuts and bruises, or you could suffer from a spinal injury that requires immediate chiropractic care and perhaps even urgent medical assistance.

The very fact that car accident results are so different each time and depend on so many factors means that you’ll need a good accident doctor in Brickell to assist you. At Icon Medical Centers, we have great experience in all kinds of accident injury complaints, and we will ensure you are satisfied with the service we offer every time.

So just what is it that Icon Medical Centers can help with? What chiropractic care can we carry out as your chosen accident doctor in Brickell?

Just some examples of what we can treat with chiropractic adjustment, physical therapy, and the helps of a neurosurgeon or emergency doctor include whiplash, chronic pain in the legs, hips, shoulders, back, and neck, acute low back pain, fibromyalgia, and other digestive problems, stress symptoms, migraines, and tension headaches, scoliosis, sciatica, pregnancy pain, herniated discs, bulging discs, and much more.

If you have chronic pain after a car accident, a sporting injury, or for any other reason, schedule an appointment with an accident doctor in Brickell at Icon Medical Centers accident clinics for your chiropractic care, and we can ensure you will be satisfied with the service and pain-free very soon.