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Being in an accident is often a scary experience, even if it was a minor one. It could be that you were in a car crash, sports accident, slipped at work, or had another unexpected event.  

Even if your car did not sustain significant damage or you feel that it did not impact your body, you might start to feel pain the next day or later. Alternately, you might be in a lot of pain immediately following the impact.

If these details are all too familiar to you, or if you are looking out for a loved one, then Icon Medical Centers, an accident clinic in Miami, is available to help you. Find an experienced auto injury doctor near Edgewater at the nationally accredited health care clinic who can diagnose and form a custom recovery plan for you.

What Injuries do Patients at Icon Medical Clinics Have?

Our professionals at Miami accident clinic Icon Medical Center specialize in injuries sustained following an accident, and the amount of pain that patients feel ranges from mild to severe. From car accident injuries to sports injuries, orthopedic injuries, and conditions caused by a fall and slip or at work are all within the scope of our expertise.

Our car accident injury clinics in Miami and Hollywood have treated more than 15,000 personal injury patients. We proudly provide high-quality treatments based on each patient’s unique case, and our experts are not only knowledgeable, but they are also compassionate.

We have an accident chiropractor in Miami near Edgewater to provide you with rehab assistance close to home, and the clinic has experts from many fields – orthopedic specialists, neurosurgeons, chiropractors, massage, and pain therapists.

These professionals will work together to help you to regain as close to the standard of living that you had before the accident as possible. Among the most common injuries that we see are sprains, whiplash, back pain, and achy joints. They are the perfect choice if you need neck, joint, or back pain therapy in Miami.

Each of these situations is unique, of course, based on the extent of the impact, individual pain tolerance, medical history, and more. When you book an appointment with our accident therapy clinic, we will begin with a pressure-free, gentle assessment of your physical condition.

From there, our osteopathic doctor in Miami near Edgewater will establish a diagnosis and decide the best course of treatment for you. The recommended option is one that you can choose to take, or the doctor is happy to provide you with alternatives based on your personal preferences.

When Should I See a Medical Expert after an Accident?

As soon as possible is the best answer to this question. If you feel unwell immediately after the accident, immediately visit the ER to rule out any significant injury.

However, in many cases, the symptoms manifest themselves only after several hours or days after the accident, whether it involved a vehicle or was a different type of accident. For example, the following day, you could discover that your arm hurts so much that you cannot brush your teeth.

Or, maybe you go to the office the next day to work, and you notice that sitting in your chair causes dull throbbing pain in your back. That discomfort was likely not there before the accident and signifies an injury.

Do not wait for the condition to worsen over time. Make sure to visit a car accident clinic near you for a proper diagnosis. Pain medication might help you go through your day, but, if left untreated, an injury can cause serious problems. Plus, medications do not provide a long-term strategy for recovery as they do not address the underlying cause of the medical problem.

Also, keep in mind that you need to visit a specialist within 14 days of the accident to be eligible for medical benefits. Those benefits can make the rehab journey an easier one.

Can Chiropractic Care Help with an Accident Injury?

The shock to your body caused by a car accident can damage the alignment of your spine. In this case, a well-regarded accident doctor near Edgewater, such as a chiropractor, is exactly who you would benefit from seeing for help.

Often enough, several of your vertebrae might be slightly out of their normal position after an impact. The accident can result in physical inflammation. For instance, a nerve might become compressed and sends shooting pains down your leg or arm.

A licensed chiropractor can help with spinal readjustment, which is an effective way to improve flexibility. It can also decrease the risk of you needing surgery.

At the same time, accident chiropractic care can help reduce the pain caused by the injury you sustained. This might require several visits to our clinic, but this is to be expected. Spinal adjustment is a delicate process, and our experts use a gradual approach, helping you get better little by little.

At Icon Medical Center’s auto accident chiropractor near Edgewater, you can also find massage therapists and physiotherapists to get you back on your feet. Remember that under Florida law, everyone is entitled to medical care, no matter who was responsible for the accident.

Contact us today to learn more about getting help with your accident injury.

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