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Sports injuries can happen as a result of the constant wear and tear that athletes tend to put on their bodies. These nagging injuries can plague an athlete for the duration of his or her career. Other sports injuries can be the result of an isolated incident where a collision, fall, or other impact causes an injury that can see an athlete sidelined for a significant period.

Still, other injuries that happen in sports can require surgery to repair and heal properly. Unfortunately, such surgeries mean that an athlete will need to take a prolonged period away from physical activity for the recovery process. When this happens, it isn’t uncommon for specific muscles and joints to weaken, making it more difficult for an athlete to return to their peak performance level.

This is why many athletes undergo physical therapy and other rehabilitation treatments following surgery. Because such a recovery process is unique to the athlete, you must find a team of accident injury specialists who can offer you a specific treatment plan that is tailored to your particular injury.

The staff at Icon Medical’s auto accident chiropractor near Highland Gardens does exactly this. By placing your recovery and physical health at the top of their priority list, Our Icon Medical Center accident therapy clinic team will be able to help facilitate a quick and efficient recovery process for any athlete who is looking to return to the game they love free from the nagging pain of some of the more common sports injuries.

Our Location

Highland Gardens is a beautiful residential area situated near Miami. If you call Highland Gardens home and are looking for a team of sports injury specialists who can help you recover from your accident injury or other nagging injuries, you can find us at our convenient location off of Highway 41.

Since Florida tends to experience warm, sunny temperatures for a good portion of the year, it is an ideal place for a variety of sports enthusiasts to play the sport they love. With so many athletes playing all types of sports throughout the year, sporting injuries are a common occurrence.

The osteopathic doctors at Icon Medical Centers’ car accident clinic near Highland Gardens are highly experienced in dealing with such injuries. They will be able to help you find the best course of treatment to alleviate your pain and get you back to the performance level that you aspire to.

Common Sports Injuries

The nature of sports injuries can be a tricky one to understand. The demand that athletes place on their bodies to perform at peak levels is far above what a non-athlete does. Moreover, contact sports can add an extra element of risk for injuries due to the constant impacts endured by the athlete. With so many variables at play that are individual to each and every athlete that sustains an injury, it is no wonder that there is an entire area of medicine dedicated to treating athletes.

Some sports injuries tend to be seen more frequently in certain sports. In fact, some injuries are so common in particular sports that they are named after the sport in which they most frequently appear. For example, tennis elbow is regularly seen in tennis players, although it can also happen if you play a different sport as well.

Tennis elbow is technically known as tendinitis of the elbow. This is when the joints and ligaments within the elbow become inflamed from overuse. When a player has tennis elbow, the pain can become so severe as to affect the entirety of the arm, starting at the wrist and radiating into the upper back and neck. Every time a tennis player strikes the ball, this neck and back pain can be felt.

The treatment for tendinitis includes a combination of rest, physical therapy, and occasionally medication-based pain management. Physical therapy is a significant piece of the puzzle at our car accident injury clinic as it can help one regain the mobility and strength in the arm that has been lost due to the pain of the condition. Specific physical therapy techniques like electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) and hot/cold therapy can help reduce inflammation and promote good circulation to the affected area.

Other sports injuries that are seen across a wide variety of sports include repetitive motion injuries. These happen when an athlete spends years repeating the same movement. Over time, the joints and muscles being used can wear down under the work that is being demanded of them. The pain from such injuries can severely inhibit an athlete’s ability to perform their best.

Physical therapy, accident chiropractic care, and even massage therapies can help athletes regain their strength and mobility when suffering from such injuries. Our team at Icon Medical Centers’ auto injury doctor near Highland Gardens will be able to design a treatment plan specifically for you so that you can recover from your sports injuries and get back to playing your sport.

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