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If you are in the process of recovering from injuries that you sustained in an accident, it can be challenging to know exactly where to turn for the medical care and attention that you need. Because the field of pain management is one that is often confusing and misleading, you might not even know what sort of healthcare professional you should consult.

Thankfully, there is help available to you at Icon Medical Centers’ auto accident chiropractor near Hollywood Lakes. Our staff is comprised of a variety of medical experts and pain management specialists who are experienced in dealing with injuries related to accidents. Our team of board-certified physicians, accident chiropractic doctors, and physical therapists will work together to set you on your path to recovery so that you can get back to a life free from the pain of your accident injuries.

The reason that we employ so many different types of medical professionals and accident injury specialists at our car accident injury clinic is that we know that the solution to your pain and recovery might entail a combination of treatment options. For instance, you might need a specific type of pain management medication to relieve your immediate pain followed by several rounds of physical therapy to ensure a speedy recovery and reduce the likelihood that your pain will return in the future.

In fact, physical therapy is an incredibly effective method of treating accident injuries and those caused by other conditions. It is also useful when you are in physical rehabilitation following surgery or other medical procedure. This is because the various types of physical therapy techniques seek to reduce inflammation and build up your strength and mobility in various muscle groups.

Inflammation Reduction

When you are injured in an accident or are suffering from some other nagging injury, the source of your pain might very well be inflamed joints, muscles, or ligaments. When such areas become inflamed, the resulting pain can range from the uncomfortable to the debilitating. Moreover, inflamed muscles and joints are more susceptible to injuries like tears and strains, which can prove more painful and take more time to heal.

Several physical therapy techniques are designed to target inflammation in particular areas. Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), for example, is highly effective in reducing inflammation from various types of injuries. It works by firing targeted, mild electrical pulses through your muscles to cause them to contract and activate. This method of treatment can promote circulation into your muscle, which can reduce inflammation and also help it to become stronger through the movements it causes.

EMS is not painful and doesn’t cause any soreness or weakness in the muscles. Rather, it stimulates the muscles and can serve to improve the reaction of your muscles to the signals that are fired by your brain when it wants them to activate when you perform ordinary tasks.

Other physical therapy techniques at our accident therapy clinic that can aid in the reduction of inflammation include hot/cold therapy and paraffin wax therapy. It is a well-known fact that heat can significantly aid in the reduction of inflammation in muscles and joints. These techniques simply utilize heat in specific and targeted ways to accomplish this goal.

Strength and Mobility

Other physical therapy techniques used at Icon medical’s car accident clinic near Hollywood Lakes seek to aid in the recovery from accident injuries by increasing one’s strength and mobility in targeted areas. While some techniques involve the performing of specific exercises, others might require you to perform particular stretches daily. By putting in a certain amount of work in this way, you can benefit from some serious pain relief in the future.

For example, someone who is suffering from chronic back pain following an injury might be advised to work with a physical therapist. Your physical therapist will most likely work with you to build up the strength in your core and abdominal muscles. This is because stronger abdominals will carry more of the load that your back would ordinarily be carrying. By taking the work and pressure away from your back muscles, you give them a better chance of healing and avoiding injury down the line.

Keeping your mobility as strong as possible is also a key point when it comes to physical therapy. This is because many injuries are caused by muscles being asked to work in such a way that they are not prepared to. When you sprain an ankle, for instance, your ligaments are overstretched and, as a result, become inflamed. Ligaments that are more flexible and have greater mobility, though, won’t be as likely to suffer injury when they are stretched in this way.

The nature of physical therapy is such that it is partially reactive and partially preventative. Specific techniques can be used to treat existing injuries, while others will help you to build up your body so that it will be more resilient to injuries in the future. Our osteopathic doctors at Icon Medical’s auto injury doctor near Hollywood Lakes are familiar with all of these techniques and can recommend one or more of them depending on your specific needs.

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