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If you live near Miami Shores, you will be pleased to know that we can help you find an car accident injury clinic near you who is right for you and your case.

Being injured in an accident can have life-changing effects, and some people never really recover. However, with the right medical treatment from one of our auto injury doctors in Miami near Hialeah Gardens, you could be back on your feet and fighting fit in no time!

“Why should I hire an accident doctor?”, we hear you ask. Well, after many years in the industry, we finally have the answer for you.

Doctor or Lawyer?

Most people assume that you should call an attorney after an accident, but making sure you are well looked after both physically and mentally is a vital part of our work. While we completely understand the need to pursue a legal case and claim your compensation if you were injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, pursuing that claim while you aren’t fit to do so can have a real detrimental effect on your health, making injuries even worse.

Your own physical wellbeing should be your first and foremost concern and securing a legal claim second. Once you find an auto injury doctor near Miami Shores to ensure that you are safe and well, you can begin the road to recovery, which will help you get stronger in time for your claim.

Continuity of Medical Treatment

Contending with being injured as well as questions from your insurance company is really not something most people wish to get involved with, but if your medical history has gaps in it, this could have a negative effect on your insurance premiums, meaning that your accident has caused yet another problem for you.

Our accident chiropractic professionals and osteopathic doctors in Miami accident clinic Icon Medical are well trained in these matters and will ensure to take a full medical history, provide you with an excellent examination and treatment if needed, and ensure that this is all recorded correctly on your medical records, so there are no gaps.

What’s more, because you have a 14-day limit to see a doctor after an accident to comply with your personal injury protection (PIP) insurance in Florida, we understand that time is of the essence. Our accident clinic in Miami will ensure that you get seen as soon as possible by our experienced doctors. Our patients always come first, and so we do everything we can to make sure that you receive the medical attention you need at our accident therapy clinic within the appropriate time frame.

The 14-day limit must be respected if you, as the victim of a car accident, wish to be reimbursed for your medical costs. Any injuries you sustained, therefore, must be documented and recorded by a trained doctor within this time frame of the accident happening.

If you miss this deadline, it could be an expensive claim, especially as it may seem to the insurance company that you were not injured enough to seek treatment or medical attention. In this case, it’s better to be seen quickly at an auto accident chiropractor near you as this is one of the criteria that insurance companies use to assess claims and the severity of your injuries

We would recommend you make an appointment to see one of our specialist accident chiropractors in Miami near Miami Shores as soon as possible after your accident.

Us Vs. Your Attorney’s Medical Team

Is your attorney pushing you to see a specific doctor? Are they making suggestions about the type of doctor you should see? Sometimes attorneys can suggest medical professionals they know will help with your claim, but the most vital thing for you is to be seen as soon as possible.

Don’t wait to see a doctor. You’ll need your injuries assessed as soon as possible by a car accident clinic near you to give validity to your insurance claim. In this case, you shouldn’t wait for your attorney’s advice on who to see, book in as soon as possible.

One of the bonuses of picking your own doctor is that you can ensure you trust the doctor and that they are not benefiting from a relationship with your attorney. All doctors should be acting with integrity, but there are some who will stretch this.

Should you claim right away?

This is really a question for an attorney to answer, but you must be aware of some of the time limits in Florida state law.

Car Accident Time Limits:

  • 14 days – You must be seen by and assessed by a doctor within 14 days of the accident taking place
  • 2 years – You must file a car accident claim
  • 4 years – This is the limit for claiming for property damage

Keep these time limits in mind; both your doctor and your attorney will want to ensure that you stay within these limits, and you are able to make your claim in good time and with timely evidence.

It’s better to be over-prepared and get things sorted as soon as possible in cases like this.                                                                             

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