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Among the many ramifications that one has to deal with in the aftermath of an accident includes the recovery from any injuries that were sustained in the accident. Such injuries can range from minor and nagging in nature to more extreme injuries that require surgical intervention. The pain that one experiences from any type of accident injury, moreover, can be enough to incapacitate you and prevent you from living the active lifestyle that you once did.

Effective pain management techniques are often sought by those who suffer from such pain following an accident. This is as true for those who are recovering from surgery as it is for those who are experiencing the chronic pain of an injury. The field of medicine referred to as pain management is a relatively new one and that is advancing and developing all the time.

While advancements in pain management are obviously beneficial to the medical community as a whole, they mean that there is a risk that you might opt for pain management options that aren’t as effective or that carry risks that you might not be aware of. For this reason, you must find a pain management expert who can guide you in the right direction and limit any risks involved with pain management techniques.

Our team of osteopathic doctors at Icon Medical Centers’ car accident clinic near Parkside is comprised of experts who understand pain management. They know that your pain and your injury are individual to you and that the right course of treatment will be tailor-made to you as well. For this reason, they will take the time to diagnose your injury and assess your pain level to come up with a course of treatment that is right for you. This treatment will likely include a combination of medicinal and non-medicinal pain management techniques.

Medicinal Pain Management Options

The world of pain management is rife with medicine-based options. Some of these are simple in nature and include over-the-counter options that anyone can acquire to treat minor aches and pains. Others are a bit more serious and even controversial in nature. The use of opioids and narcotics to treat severe pain has been around for ages. Still, it is only recently that the world as a whole is beginning to clue into the dangerous side effects and ramifications associated with the extended use of these medications.

It is better to explore other pain management options first, either those that are medicinal in nature or those that are holistic, before jumping to opioids. At Icon Medical Centers’ auto accident chiropractor near Parkside, we offer several pain management options that are effective and not related to other, more dangerous pain relief medications.

Epidural steroid injections have proven highly effective in assisting with the management of specific instances of chronic pain. Epidurals are injections that are given directly into the spine to effectively and quickly target the area of pain. The type of steroid used in these injections can help to reduce the inflammation that may be the source of your pain. The effects of such treatments can last for several months, a period that can be long enough for your injury to heal.

Epidural steroid injections can help treat chronic spine or back pain. This is because they specifically target these areas by being directly injected into them. The pain management doctors at Icon Medical Centers’ accident therapy clinic will be able to assess your chronic pain to decide if this course of treatment would be beneficial to you.

Other forms of medicine-based pain management options that aren’t related to opioids or other harmful medications include trigger point and facet block injections. The course of treatment that will be best for you will depend on the type of injury that you have and the severity of the pain levels that you are experiencing.

Non-Medicinal Treatments

When you come to see one of the pain management experts at car accident injury clinic Icon Medical Centers, you will most likely be presented with a treatment plan that includes accident chiropractic treatment options that are not medicine-based. Such approaches to pain management can be highly effective for several reasons, and the results can last much longer than those that only rely on medication to dull the painful sensations that you are feeling.

For instance, physical therapy is highly effective when used to target specific types of pain. Physical therapy techniques like electrical muscle stimulation and hot/cold therapy can assist in the reduction of inflammation as well as promote circulation to the affected areas. Through physical therapy, you might also work on building up strength in certain muscle groups. This is typically done to reduce the workload that is experienced by the muscles that are giving you pain.

No matter what the nature of your chronic pain may be, our team at Icon Medical Centers’ auto injury doctor near Parkside will work with you to find pain management options that are safe and effective.

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