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Among the many things that must be dealt with following an accident, insurance claims and costly car repairs are high up the list. However, your first priority whenever you are involved in a car crash should be your health and physical wellbeing. Accident injuries need to be seen to as soon as possible following a collision in order for the best possible outcome in terms of recovery to be facilitated.

Accident injuries come in various forms. Some are of a more serious nature and require immediate medical attention. Injuries of this kind might require surgery in order to repair damaged tissue and months of rehabilitation after the fact in order to rebuild strength and mobility.

Others are minor but can still be incredibly painful. In fact, pain from such minor injuries can be severe enough to inhibit daily life. Simple tasks and even performing your job might be impossible to do under the pain of your injuries. The good news is that the team at Icon Medical’s auto accident chiropractor near The Roads is extremely qualified and experienced in the most effective ways to treat multiple types of accident injuries.

Neck Injuries

Neck injuries are incredibly common when it comes to car accident injuries. Even impacts that don’t seem to be too forceful are enough to cause a sudden strain to the muscles to your neck. When your head is suddenly and unexpectedly forced in one direction, the muscles in your neck aren’t able to brace themselves properly. This “whip” of the neck can result in an injury that is commonly known as whiplash.

Whiplash is a tricky injury at times because it doesn’t always manifest itself right away. In fact, many whiplash sufferers don’t even begin to feel the pain from whiplash set in until days after the fact. This can cause complications because there is always a risk that pain from whiplash can increase over time if left untreated. This is why it is so important that you are seen by a skilled accident injury specialist as soon as possible following your accident.

The team of osteopathic doctors at Icon Medical’s car accident clinic near The Roads is comprised of experienced chiropractors who can effectively treat your whiplash before the condition worsens. You will be given a proposed course of treatment that is tailored specifically to your injuries so that you can start your road to recovery and get back to a life free from the pain of whiplash.

Back Injuries

Back pain is also incredibly common in accidents. This is because the force of a collision can easily throw the spine out of alignment. When this happens, it can cause the muscles surrounding the spine to become tense and tight.

Herniated discs are also commonly seen following an accident. This is where the tissue containing the nerves in the spine become misplaced and end up being compressed or pinched by the bones of the spine. This causes intense, radiating pain at a particular point in your back. It can also result in tingling or numbness in your arms or legs.

Herniated discs can be incredibly painful, depending upon the severity of the injury. Some extreme cases might even require surgical intervention to fix. It is more likely, though, that your herniated disc can be treated effectively by a skilled chiropractor.

You might also benefit from physical therapy in order to increase your mobility and strengthen the muscles. In doing so, you can take much of the load off of your spine so that it can heal and repair properly. You can receive both types of treatment here at accident therapy clinic Icon Medical. We make it our duty to ensure your health is taken care of the way it should.

Sprains and Strains

Other common injuries from car accidents fall into the category of sprains and strains. While such terms sound generic, they can encompass a variety of injuries of varying pain levels. When you come to see your team at Icon Medical’s car accident injury clinic, you will be given a specific course of treatment that is designed to treat your particular sprain or strain no matter what the exact nature of the injury may be.

When it comes to treating sprains and strains, you assume that you should simply rest your injury until it heals on its own. This, however, can actually prove to create a healing process that is slower than necessary. Rather, with the right assistance and treatment, it is possible to promote circulation and mobility back into your injured muscles and joints. This will result in a speedier recovery process.


More severe accident injuries might require surgery or non-surgical procedure in order to heal properly. When this happens, you will most likely need some physical rehabilitation to ensure that everything heals correctly and that you don’t lose strength or mobility in your muscles and joints.

The accident chiropractic and physical therapy teams at Icon Medical’s auto injury doctor near The Roads will be able to aid you in your recovery process so that you can avoid chronic pain in the future and rebuild your overall physical wellness.

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