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Dealing with the ramifications of a car accident can be a stressful time. Not only do you need to ensure that all of your insurance matters are handled properly, but you might also be facing legal issues as well. Among it all, you need to find a way to focus on your own physical recovery from any injuries that you might have sustained.

Unfortunately, when you have so much on your plate, it can be all too easy to ignore minor injuries. While you no doubt would seek immediate emergency medical attention for any severe injuries that resulted from a car accident, when you have so many other things that must be dealt with, you might feel like it is fine to put the care of your minor injuries on the back burner.

It is essential to know, though, that injuries that might seem minor at first, if left unchecked, can develop into more painful conditions down the line. This is why it is so crucial that you prioritize your health and receive a medical evaluation by an accident injury specialist.

Our team at Icon Medical Centers’ auto accident chiropractor near Tamiami is comprised of several fully qualified healthcare professionals who will make sure that you are given the right resources and treatment options for your accident injury. From chiropractic care to physical therapy, you will be able to find the right treatment options for your particular injuries.

Because some common accident injuries might not manifest themselves right away, you might not even realize that you are suffering from something more than the expected aches and pains of a collision. However, our staff at Icon Medical Centers’ car accident clinic near Tamiami will be able to evaluate and treat your injuries before the pain becomes severe enough to inhibit your daily life.

Multiple Treatment Options

Because the nature of accident injuries is such that the level of pain that you feel and the severity of the injury itself are unique to each individual situation, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Rather, the best course of action for treating accident injuries is to receive a tailored-made treatment plan designed to cater to your specific injury.

Accident therapy clinic Icon Medical Centers has licensed chiropractors, qualified physical therapists, as well as board-certified osteopathic doctors on staff so that you can have access to the treatment options that you need for your particular injuries. Our staff members will work with you to facilitate the smoothest and quickest recovery possible so that you won’t be in pain from your accident injury for longer than is necessary.

Common Accident Injuries

There are a few minor injuries that are commonly seen in patients following a car accident. Such injuries can range in severity of pain level from a nagging discomfort to debilitating pain. A few of these injuries might not become apparent for a few days after your accident, though, while others can easily be mistaken for simple soreness after a collision.

Whiplash is an injury sustained in the neck that can affect people differently depending upon how serious of a car accident took place. The force caused by an impact can be enough to “whip” the head suddenly in a specific direction. Because the neck muscles aren’t strong enough to brace for such force, an intense strain is placed on them. This pain is indicative of whiplash and should be evaluated by an accident injury specialist as soon as possible.

Since whiplash might not be evident immediately following an accident, many people don’t have it diagnosed as soon as they should. This can result in the pain growing worse over time and increased difficulty in treatment. Our team at Icon Medical Centers’ auto injury doctor near Tamiami is incredibly familiar with whiplash and have all the treatment options you need so that you can recover quickly.

Another common accident injury is a spinal injury referred to as a herniated disc. Herniated discs happen when the force of an impact causes one of the discs in the spine to shift out of its proper place. When this happens, the disc can be placed under pressure or pinched by the bones in the spine. Since the discs in the spine are comprised of soft tissue that contains nerve endings, herniated discs can be incredibly painful.

You can be easy to mistake a herniated disc for achiness or soreness after an accident. It is essential to be aware of where the pain is coming from and what it feels like. If you notice that you have serious back pain in a specific area, then you might have a herniated disc. You should also take note of any radiating pain in your arms and legs, as this would also indicate a herniated disc.

These and other common accident injuries can be effectively treated through chiropractic care and physical therapy. The accident chiropractic team at car accident injury clinic Icon Medical Centers near Tamiami is fully equipped to help you recover from your injury and return to the active lifestyle that you are accustomed to.

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