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There is nothing simple about dealing with an injury following an accident. Some injuries are more severe in nature and require surgery in order to repair the damage to your body that you sustained in an accident. The recovery process from such procedures can often be long and arduous, requiring an accident doctor near West Miami to help in the recovery.

Other injuries might be more minor in nature, but the pain that you experience from such injuries on a daily basis can be no less debilitating. Moreover, if left untreated, such injuries can become worse over time. This inhibits you from going about your daily life more than you might have thought possible at the onset of your injury. Workplace injuries can certainly fall into this category.

When people are injured on the job, they might not feel capable of doing the work that they need to do. In some cases, workplace injuries make it necessary to take time off work or switch tasks so that your daily schedule isn’t filled with jobs that are impactful or physically demanding. Such a situation can become difficult to manage as job security is something that you never want to risk.

Thankfully, the experts at Icon Medical’s auto injury doctor near West Miami have a great deal of experience in dealing with work and work-related injuries. Our team of board-certified osteopathic doctors, licensed chiropractors, and qualified physical therapists will have you back on the job in no time.

Understanding Workplace Injuries

It is a common assumption that one is only really at risk of sustaining a workplace injury if your job is labor-intensive or physically demanding in a major way. While such jobs certainly put people at risk of strains and other injuries, such workers have been trained and taught how to avoid common injuries in their specific roles.

You might be surprised to learn that some of the more common workplace injuries are actually the result of tripping and falling while on the job. Such occurrences are not limited to a particular injury and are not reserved for labor-intensive jobs alone. Many injuries resulting from a fall happen in even the most unexpected of circumstances.

While there are workplace compliance and regulations that must be followed across all industries in order to reduce the risk of employees falling while on the job, there is no accounting for human error. Someone might leave an object in a walkway for just a minute or two, for example. If another employee isn’t paying complete and total attention, they might accidentally trip and fall over that object.

Perhaps you sustained your workplace injury because flooring that was once secure unexpectedly came loose, causing you to lose your footing and fall. Such instances, again, are not particular to any one industry alone.

Other workplace injuries come as a result of repetitive motions being done day in and day out. Even if you don’t think that the motions you go through every day while on the job aren’t particularly impactful, they can still result in some serious wear and tear on certain muscles and joints over time. Injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome are extremely common for such reasons even if your job simply involves typing on a computer for most of the day.

The team at Icon Medical’s car accident clinic near West Miami is familiar with the best methods of treatments for a variety of workplace injuries. Whether your job is in fact a labor-intensive one or if you sustained an injury from a fall, you will be able to start the road to recovery quickly with our staff there to help you.

Treatment Options

The treatment options that we offer at Icon Medical’s accident therapy clinic are designed to help aid in the recovery from a large number of common workplace injuries. Not only do we have experienced physicians on-site ready to evaluate and diagnose your injury, but we also have qualified chiropractors and physical therapists in-house who can help you return to a life without pain from your injury.

Accident chiropractic techniques at our auto accident chiropractor near West Miami are extremely helpful in treating workplace injuries, particularly those that cause neck and back pain. Through the use of tried and tested spinal alignment methods, one of our chiropractors will be able to alleviate a great deal of pressure from your spine which will have positive effects on your overall physical wellness.

Physical therapy is also a highly effective course of treatment at our car accident injury clinic. These can help you rebuild strength that you might have lost through your recovery process. By targeting certain muscle groups, your physical therapist can help take the load off of any injury that you might have sustained. Physical therapy is also helpful in increasing mobility and flexibility so that your chances of sustaining another injury down the line are drastically decreased.

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