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Injuries sustained in an accident aren’t to be ignored. Even if you were fortunate enough to walk away from an accident without any major injuries, the effects of your collision might still be felt for many weeks, even months, to come. In fact, there are a number of accident injuries that don’t manifest themselves until 24 hours or more after the fact. Those would require the services of an accident doctor near West Palm Beach.

Such injuries can be tough to deal with and can even increase in the severity of the pain level that you are living with over time. This is why it is so important for you to seek a medical evaluation by an accident injury specialist as soon after your accident as possible.

Many people hesitate to seek such medical assistance following an accident out of concern over insurance and legal matters. If you are in such a situation where you have similar concerns, the experts at Icon Medical’s auto accident chiropractor near West Palm Beach are here to help.

Not only do we look to provide you with the best care tailored to your particular injuries, but we also offer assistance in dealing with legal and insurance matters following an accident. This is because we place your recovery at the very top of our priority list. We strongly feel that no one should have to avoid seeking medical help following an accident for these reasons.

Once you are working with our team of qualified and experienced osteopathic doctors at our car accident injury clinic, you will have access to treatment options tailored to your injury or condition. Some of the more common minor accident injuries that can be sustained from a collision or car crash include those to the neck and back. It is important to understand the nature of your specific injury so that you can start on the right road to recover that will have you back to your active lifestyle quickly.


Whiplash is an incredibly common accident injury. This is because the impact of even a minor collision or fender-bender is enough to induce strain on the muscles in the neck that can result in some serious pain. This pain, often referred to as whiplash, happens as the impact of a crash causes your head to “whip” in a certain direction with too much force for your neck muscles to brace themselves.

This accident injury can be tricky to diagnose and treat because in many cases, the pain from whiplash does not set in until 24 hours after an accident takes place. Some people might not even experience this pain for up to a week after an accident. Unfortunately, if whiplash is left for too long without the proper treatment, the pain can wind up being far worse than it might have been.

This is why you are encouraged to seek a medical evaluation as quickly as possible following an accident. The team at Icon Medical’s auto injury doctor near West Palm Beach can start you on a treatment plan of accident chiropractic care and physical therapy much sooner so that you don’t end up having to live with the pain of whiplash for weeks on end.

Herniated Discs

Another common injury that you might have sustained in your car accident is one known as a herniated disc. This is a spinal injury that can range from uncomfortable to debilitating depending on the severity of your injury. While some of the most extreme cases require surgical intervention in order to repair, most herniated discs can be healed and managed through non-surgical means.

It is all too easy to misunderstand your back pain following an accident and assume that you simply strained a back muscle. It is important to note, though, that the back pain caused by a herniated disc feels more akin to a radiating soreness that comes from a particular point or region of the back. This pain can radiate into your arms and legs as well. This is indicative of a nerve in the spine being pressurized or pinched in some way.

The board-certified physicians at Icon Medical’s accident therapy clinic will be able to accurately diagnose and offer treatment options for your herniated disc. These options might include chiropractic care to help properly realign your spine. They also include physical therapy to help encourage mobility and build strength in other muscle groups so as to take the pressure off of your spine. With the right treatment plan, the pain from your herniated disc will be relieved sooner rather than later.

Sprains and Strains

Sprains and strains in other areas of the body that don’t pertain to whiplash or a herniated disc are also common after a car accident. Your aching muscles can find relief from a number of different therapies offered at Icon Medical’s car accident clinic near West Palm Beach. One of our qualified massage therapists will be able to treat your sore and tight muscles by promoting circulation through Swedish or deep tissue massage techniques.

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