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When you are involved in an accident that results in an injury, particularly one that was sustained at work, you need to find the right medical assistance quickly. This is because there are specific injuries that, if left unchecked, can leave you in debilitating pain for weeks on end. With moderate to severe pain levels, you might not be able to perform your job to the best of your ability, if you can do it at all.

There are a variety of injuries that can happen in the workplace. Even though it is a common assumption that you are only at risk of sustaining an injury at work when your job is of a labor-intensive nature, workplace accidents can happen no matter what industry you are in. One of the most common workplace injuries results from falls.

Other workplace injuries involve the overuse of certain muscle groups or joints. Because such injuries are caused by the motions you need to perform to accomplish your job, they can make doing those same motions incredibly painful, thus preventing you from working altogether.

Our staff at Icon Medical Centers’ auto accident chiropractor near West Perrine is experienced in working with patients suffering from some of the more common workplace injuries. Our skilled osteopathic doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and massage therapists will be able to offer you a variety of treatment options that will help you to recover quickly from your workplace injury so that you get back to doing your job.

Tripping and Falling

Even though there are several risks involved when your job is more physically demanding than others, those who perform less labor-intensive jobs are still susceptible to some of the more common workplace injuries. For instance, injuries sustained from a fall account for a significant number of workplace injuries. This is because tripping over unexpected objects or uneven flooring can happen anywhere and at any time.

Injuries that you might sustain when you fall include head injuries, sprains, strains, back pain, and even broken bones. While you must seek medical attention as quickly as possible when you know that your injury is more serious in nature, others might not require emergency medical care.

Sprains and strains can be treated effectively through physical therapy. At Icon Medical’s car accident clinic near West Perrine, our team of physical therapists knows how to assist you in your recovery process. Specific physical therapy techniques can help you to rebuild strength in muscle groups that might have been weakened from injury. Others can help to increase circulation, which can help facilitate a quicker recovery process. Physical therapy can also help you to improve your flexibility and mobility so that you are more resilient to injuries in the future.

Neck Injuries

When a good portion of your time is spent at work sitting at a desk, it can be challenging to maintain proper posture all the time. Moreover, many people tend to carry the stress and tension from their jobs in their shoulders and neck. The lack of physical movement in your workday might already be contributing to poor circulation. When all these factors come into play, the result can be an incredibly painful neck injury.

Trapping or pinching a nerve in your neck can be painful and tough to manage. When you are expected to work at a desk for most of the day, you might find it impossible to sit in a comfortable position or focus on your work at all. It is never a good idea to leave such injuries untreated as you will likely wind up with chronic pain as a result.

Accident chiropractic care at Icon Medical’s auto injury doctor near West Perrine can be extremely effective in treating neck injuries sustained in the workplace. This is because many chiropractic techniques involve realigning the spine. When this is done, quite a lot of pressure can be removed from the more tense areas of your upper back and neck regions.

Massage therapy treatments at our accident therapy clinic can also help alleviate the pain from your neck injury. This is because specific massage therapy techniques target injuries of this nature to increase circulation and release tension in stressed muscles.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Many jobs, even those that are not particularly physically demanding, require you to perform the same movements over and over again. Unfortunately, your joints and muscles can only withstand so much wear and tear of this kind before sustaining an injury. Since the pain from such injuries can be enough to make it difficult for you to do your job, you must receive a proper diagnosis and treatment plan designed to get you back to work as soon as possible.

Some repetitive motions can result in inflammation. This can be treated with specific therapies, like hot/cold therapy and electrical muscle stimulation. The physical therapists at Icon Medical Centers’ car accident injury clinic can administer these types of treatments as well as many others that can benefit your recovery from your workplace injury. 

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