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When you are involved in an accident of any kind, there is so much that must be dealt with. On top of that are the things required to facilitate the proper recovery for any injuries that you might have sustained. While some injuries are major and might need surgery to repair, others are more minor in nature and can be dealt with using non-surgical means at an accident doctor near Wynwood.

That being said, though, such injuries certainly shouldn’t be left to heal on their own without the guidance and advice of a trained medical professional. Oftentimes this approach to your minor accident injuries can lead to chronic pain and more severe conditions down the line. Moreover, failure to seek the right rehabilitation can lead to complications following an operation on a major accident injury.

Physical rehabilitation is absolutely necessary, especially if you are an athlete who is recovering from an injury. These types of athletic injuries can happen for many reasons including:

  • a collision during play,
  • wear and tear from repetitive motions, or
  • from stretching muscles and joints to the point of strain.

Injuries of this nature might be so severe that surgery or other reparative procedures are necessary. The recovery process in such cases can be a long and tedious process and will need the right medical supervision if a complete recovery is desired.

Even if you feel that you can still perform athletically under the level of pain you are experiencing, you should still have a medical evaluation to ensure that you aren’t at risk of sustaining a more severe injury down the line.

No matter what your particular sports injury might entail, you can rest assured that the team at Icon Medical’s car accident clinic near Wynwood is ready to help you throughout your recovery and rehabilitation process so that you can get back to performing at your peak.

Our Location

Icon Medical’s accident therapy clinic is located near the Wynwood area outside of Miami, Florida. Known for its colorful displays of street art and galleries, this area of Miami-Dade County has plenty of attractions. Wynwood is home to a variety of eclectic restaurants and bars and other entertaining amenities.

Our convenient car accident injury clinic near the Wynwood area can be found right off of Highway 41. If you happen to be in the Wynwood area, why not come in to see if our amazing staff? They can offer you any assistance with your accident injury or any other chronic pain that you might be struggling with at this time.

Sports Injury Treatment Options

At Icon Medical’s auto accident chiropractor near Wynwood, we know that the way in which you approach your sports injury recovery should be entirely specific to you. This is why we take the time to properly evaluate your injury and come up with a treatment plan that is tailored to your particular needs. Since we offer a variety of treatment options, we can help you no matter what the nature of your sports injury may be.

Our staff of board-certified osteopathic doctors will be able to evaluate and accurately diagnose your sports injury so that a treatment plan can be developed for you. Since some injuries will be more difficult to treat and more painful than others, our doctors have the ability to include the necessary pain management medication into your treatment plan.

Many sports injuries require physical therapy to treat, especially when it comes to rehabilitation after an operation. This is because the time that you have to spend away from practice and training can cause any injured areas to become weaker and less able to withstand the work that your sport demands. One of our licensed physical therapists will be able to work with you in order to rebuild your strength and flexibility so that you can return to the sport that you love.

Accident chiropractic care is another treatment option that might be included in your sports injury treatment plan. This is because so much of your overall physical wellness depends upon your spine being in proper alignment.

If your spine isn’t aligned properly, you might be suffering from unnecessary pressure that can radiate back pain to other areas of your body, which can get in the way of your sports performance. This is why so many athletes choose to include chiropractic care into their typical wellness routine.

The recovery process from certain sports injuries can take quite a long time. Even when your injury is healed and you are back to playing your sport on a regular basis, it is still possible that your previous injury can flare up and cause you discomfort. This is why at Icon Medical’s auto injury doctor near Wynwood, we offer an array of massage therapy treatments that can help increase circulation and improve mobility. In this way, you can manage any residual pain from your injury if and when it flares up.

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