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Vacation travelers rejoice: there’s now somewhere to get your accident injury seen to, so you can get back to the important business of relaxing on vacation. The Fontainebleau is one of the most infamous hotels in Miami, which is no surprise. This luxury hotel is home to some of the best pools and spa facilities in the region, attracting travelers from all across  the globe. If you want a slice of that glamorous Miami life, but are worried your time in the sun will be ruined by your bad back or whiplash symptoms, then worry no more.

How can physical therapy help me?

Going on vacation after a bad injury can be bittersweet. On the one hand, you have time to rest up and truly put your feet up, but on the other hand, your enjoyment of your vacation can be mired by being in constant pain. Most of us would rather spend time on a sun lounger in blissful relaxation, rather than having to constantly readjust positions to find comfort and ease any twinges. Physical therapy can help you find vacation bliss again by easing tension and aiming to heal the aches and pains that may have come as a result of an auto accident injury. Its aim is to not only repair the pain, but also improve your flexibility and strength. For example, if you love nothing more than hitting the gym and lifting weights, then it can be extremely frustrating to feel as if your strength and fitness is dwindling as you recover from an car accident injury. Our accident injury doctors will take a tailored approach to helping you to regain your strength.

When you first visit one of our accident injury chiropractic clinics, a qualified physician will make a quick assessment of your condition. This helps us to create a tailored treatment for you and understand exactly what your needs are. This will also instill some confidence in you that any massages or other injury treatments you receive will take careful consideration of your pain and condition.

Range of Treatments at Our Car Accident Clinic

When you visit our clinics in either Miami or Hollywood, you will have a range of treatments available for you. Of course, our physicians will recommend treatments that could significantly benefit you and ease your pain. When you drop in, you are likely to be recommended:


  •   Chiropractic care: all of our accident chiropractors are fully-licensed, which means you can rest assured that you will be in the hands of a complete professional. Chiropractors improve your movement and ease pain by manipulating the connective tissue, joints and bones surrounding the spine. The advantages of chiropractic therapy is that its benefits are not just for the most common type of pain — i.e. lower back pain. The relief of tension may also ease symptoms of neck and limb pain.
  •   Massages: paraffin bath therapy, lymphatic drainage massage, and Swedish massage are all on offer, and each have a set of unique benefits that could improve all sorts of pain.
  •   Trigger-point injections: both steroid and anesthetic medications are used to directly relieve pain and inflammation in your muscles. This could be a huge relief for someone who has been suffering with consistent pain and needs an immediate fix.
The life of luxury

It makes complete sense to open up a clinic close to the likes of the Fontainebleau hotel. This hotel is pretty iconic in terms of the ideal American beachside holiday. It first opened up just under 70 years ago in 1954, welcoming in a star-studded plethora of celebrities. You can include the likes of Sinatra and Elvis in the count of A-listers that have graced this mega hotel. It’s the perfect place to break up your trips to the beach by spending days by the pool and amidst stunning waterscapes.

With so many incredible facilities to enjoy — including restaurants and a nightclub — it would be a shame to miss out because of a bad back or injury. Beach and resort vacations are best enjoyed in ultimate comfort, and this can be hard to do if you have to keep maneuvering positions to accommodate back pain or aches. If your run on the beach, or if laps in the pool has left you feeling tense and in pain, then look no further.

Don’t let an accident injury or constant pain ruin your vacation. Visiting one of our car accident injury clinics will see you getting therapy for all variations of painful symptoms by qualified, experienced staff. Sometimes a deep tissue massage is needed to relieve a niggling pain, while on other occasions, a more direct fix — such as a trigger point injection — is what will suffice. If you are struggling to enjoy your time on the beach or get comfortable on a sun lounger, then give us a call to arrange a consultation. It could help you to fully enjoy your well-earned break. 

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