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Treating your injury after an accident

If you’ve been involved in an accident that has left you with an injury, then you will need the professional services of a clinic and access to treatment facilities in your area. Looking for an accident injury clinic near The Hammocks will present Icon Medical Centers as your ideal choice. With a wealth of treatment plans, services, accident injury doctors onsite and a tailored recovery program, Icon Medical will see you regain your health and mobility in no time.

Under Florida law, you are entitled to receive medical treatment after an auto accident, no matter who caused the accident. If you were not at fault, your auto insurance company cannot raise your policy rate for receiving medical care to treat your accident injuries. In order to be eligible to receive medical benefits, you must seek medical treatment within 14 days after the accident.

Benefits of Visiting a Complete Accident Injury Clinic

At our Miami & Hollywood Accident Clinic, our highly experienced team are experts  in treating the following injuries:

Injuries We Treat

Your health and recovery is our #1 priority! At our complete accident injury clinic, our therapists, injury chiropractors, and specialists all work together to provide you with the best recovery program for your accident injuries. 

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Treatments we offer to treat your injuries

We provide the following services to help to recover from your accident injuries.

 Our licensed  Chiropractors are experts in spinal manipulation to treat back pain & neck pain, regardless of the cause.

Our licensed therapists will tailor your therapy program around your specific needs while continuing to challenge you and help you regain your strength and mobility.

Our massage therapists will work through the layers of  the muscles to eliminate any tension and work to improve blood flow on any areas of injury

Your pain relief begins with the evaluation by one of our physicians who understand the complexities of pain. 

The Joint Commission - National Quality Approval

We are Nationally Accredited
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You can expect the highest standards and quality of care when you visit our accident clinics in Miami or Hollywood, FL 

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A variety of auto accident injuries can be sustained following an accident, and how they affect you as an individual can be different to everyone else. Knowing this, our Icon Medical Center staff tailors treatment for the person as a whole, and not simply for the injury itself.

An accident such as a road traffic collision or anything which involves heavy or violent contact can cause subsequent damage.

A car accident injury could be any of the following, though not limited to this list of grievances:

  • An injury sustained through a contact sport
  • Breaking of bones
  • A compromise of the spinal column, such as slipped discs or misalignment
  • Whiplash injury, most commonly through road traffic accidents
  • The tearing of muscles
  • Any injury to the body as a direct result of an accident which wasn’t your fault

After suffering through the trauma of an accident, you have a basic right to medical attention and to be appointed a qualified professional who can analyze and treat your personal injury.

That’s why, following any form of accident, you should always seek medical care at a hospital or personal injury clinic.

Being involved in an accident will have many levels of impact on your daily life, mainly physical and mental implications. As well as suffering through physical pain and compromises to your physical fitness, you may also be at risk of experiencing anxiety, lack of confidence or feelings of negative and withdrawn mood.

At Icon Medical, we are skilled in treating a wide range of implications following an accident.

Some forms of injury may not impact your general movement, or cause any breaks or tears, but can cause enough pain to completely disrupt your life. Other forms of injuries can both cause great pain and affect your ability to move, sleep, walk or complete any other general tasks you should usually be able to do.

An initial analysis is always essential to discover how far your injury extends: namely, whether it is pain treatment you need or something more to heal greater physical injuries and prevent long-term pain.

You don’t want to run the risk of long-term health implications, so visit an auto injury doctor near you at Icon Medical Centers today.

Physical therapy should be assigned to you if you require a more detailed course of treatment that will see you regain full strength, function and health of your body. If an injury has impacted your spinal column, for example, this may affect your ability to comfortably walk or make certain movements. Physical therapy can help to get you back on track with basic movements and leave you feeling confident that you can once again move freely without medical assistance.

Chiropractic care is an essential health tool, regardless of the presence of injury. Regular chiropractic adjustment keeps your body perfectly aligned and your spinal column in perfect condition. This helps with general flexibility and avoids pain, which might surface from back strain, bad posture or a misaligned spine.

Chiropractic treatment following an accident means that your body can be treated to be returned to its healthy shape and movement. This is essential if your spine or neck has been compromised in an accident. 

At Icon Medical Centers, we have experienced chiropractic doctors to help accident victims recover from their injuries and reduce back and neck pain. An accident chiropractor near you can identify the source of your pain to ensure that it is treated correctly.

If being involved in an accident and sustaining a painful injury has left you feeling stressed, perturbed, physically in pain and aching, then massage therapy can serve to return you to a positive state of mind, and decrease pain in your body. Massage therapy not only works to eliminate pain in muscles and joints, but it works to relax the mind, promote healthier blood flow around the body and thereby avoid bouts of high blood pressure, which may result from being involved in an accident.

You should never have to suffer with pain, and especially not after an accident where you were not at fault. You can speak to our accident injury doctors near you regarding a course of pain management to quickly target any pain in your body and return you to a manageable state without being debilitated by constant pain.

Icon Medical’s team of professional staff are skilled in all areas mentioned above. This means that, by choosing Icon Medical Center near The Hammocks FL, you are getting a fully-rounded course of treatment that cares for both the mind and body. 

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