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Accident injury clinics are open across the country to help people to cope with life-changing and debilitating personal injuries that have been caused by automobile crashes or workplace issues. Accident clinics work to heal a vast array of conditions, such as back and neck pain and whiplash. If you have sustained any of these injuries, here is how the clinic at Icon Medical can help your condition to improve.

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What do chiropractic treatments involve?

The type of treatment that is offered at accident doctors near you like Icon Medical is chiropractic care. This type of care is made up of spinal manipulations, lifestyle changes, massage, physical therapy, and pain management.

If you decide to opt for spinal manipulations, a trained practitioner will perform hands-on adjustments to your spine with their hands. They could opt to use an electric instrument instead, which can mirror the same motions. Depending on the professional, you may then experience sharp, short movements into the soft tissue of your spine, with force being applied to the muscles and joints that support it.

Your chiropractor may also move your spinal cord into the correct position and stretch your muscles to strengthen them. This usually takes between 5-10 minutes, although some sessions can last for up to half an hour.

This type of treatment can be combined with massage, where heat or pressure is applied to the soft tissue of the affected area in small, circular motions. It may also be combined with pain management therapy, which can include trigger point aesthetic injections. You may also be asked to perform exercises and stretches during physical therapy.

Why should you choose chiropractic care?

You should choose chiropractic care as it is a natural alternative to medication and surgery. In some cases, medication and surgery are not effective, even after several weeks. This can compel you to seek alternative solutions to your pain.

You may seek an auto accident chiropractor near you as after-care after you have been committed to surgery. You may also seek to receive accident chiropractic adjustments alongside medication for the full effect.

Not only this, but chiropractic treatment is entirely natural, and comes under the banner of complementary and alternative medicine. As it is not a standard medical treatment, it is classed with other practices such as aromatherapy and acupuncture. The complimentary classification means that this treatment is natural, and it can be a useful alternative for those who are unable to take medications. Rather than merely reducing your awareness of pain, chiropractic care can actively work to eradicate it instead of masking it.

Medication can also often cause harmful side effects, such as fatigue. Chiropractic care from an accident therapy clinic actively reduces fatigue and has less risk of traditional side effects than other medicines. Most clients only experience minor discomfort throughout the process.

What lifestyle changes can help to improve an injury?

Your chiropractor may also suggest a range of lifestyle changes that can work alongside your current treatment to boost the results and prevent your treatment from worsening. These are part of the self-care programs that chiropractors often curate.

One of the most common lifestyle changes that are suggested by chiropractors includes reducing your sedentary lifestyle and increasing your amount of exercise. Your chiropractor may suggest exercises that focus on strengthening your back and spine, such as stretches and yoga. These can help to reduce tension in your nervous system, which is one of the major causes of pain in your back.

They may also suggest improving your sleep patterns, as this can help to boost your body’s natural healing process. Not only this, but they may make suggestions on how to get better sleep, with aids such as orthopedic mattresses and new sleep positions helping you to sleep without discomfort.

Chiropractors may also focus on your diet by developing a meal plan which contains the five food groups. This will be tailored toward your personal medical history and situation, and you should book an appointment if you are struggling to stick to your diet plan. Usually, a combination of these changes, alongside regular chiropractic appointments, is enough to help your condition to improve.

How can you find a chiropractor?

If you are looking for an accident chiropractor near you, you can be referred to Icon Medical by your doctor or another accident injury doctor near you. You can also book an appointment with us by phone or attend a walk-in appointment if you need urgent care for your injury.

All the professionals at Icon Medical are properly licensed, meaning that there should be no concern over the quality of the care that you are receiving. Here at Icon Medical, we also accept insurance. You should check whether your scheme is compatible with our services, along with whether the services that we provide are recommended for your condition.

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