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Being in an accident or sustaining an injury can be an overwhelming period of your life as you handle the repercussions of your injury amid lawyers and insurance claims. However, to make coping with your injury easier, accident injury professionals at your nearby Hillcrest clinic can provide you with the accident chiropractic treatment that you need to improve your quality of life during this difficult time. Here is what you need to know before you decide to book an appointment with us here at Icon Medical.

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What should you do before you visit an accident therapy clinic in Hillcrest, Hollywood, FL?

The first thing that you should do before your appointment is to decide whether chiropractic care is right for you. You can do this by researching the types of treatments that your local accident clinic offers, as well as the different illnesses and conditions that they can help to treat. This will help you to understand whether the type of care that they are offering could be beneficial to you.

You should also consider the effect on your insurance policy and your legal issues, especially if you have been involved in an accident. For instance, in many cases, your insurance company can pay for the cost of your treatment, and you are entitled to medical benefits if you have been involved in a car accident in Florida in the last 14 days. Icon Medical can also work with your lawyer and insurance company to discuss your case and help you to get the best care- and financial outcome-possible.

If you are unsure about any aspects of the treatment, you should contact an accident doctor near you to discuss whether chiropractic care is right for you and your injury. You can also contact Icon Medical by phone to discuss your injuries and what they can do for you before you make an initial appointment.

What Personal Injury Doctors Will You See?

At Icon Medical, our auto accident chiropractors are trained to a high level in a host of different chiropractic techniques and in a variety of specialisms that can help conditions. This means that it is easy for us to match you with a chiropractor who can help to treat your condition, whether that be working with a licensed massage therapist or orthopedic surgeon. 

Our accident injury doctors near you will be able to give you the best care possible in line with the latest available research. All the chiropractors at Icon Medical are also licensed, and this means that you are always getting the highest quality care in line with your treatment plan.

What Will Your Assessment Consist Of?

Your initial appointment with the chiropractor does not have to be daunting. At your initial appointment, your specialist will discuss factors such as your medical history and attempt to isolate your symptoms to ensure that they are able to get a full picture of your condition. They may ask you about the accident that occurred when you sustained the injury, as well as the length of time that you have had the injury.

Then, a physical examination is likely to take place. During this, they will carry out a series of tests that will look at the motion of your limbs, where you are experiencing pain, and the strength of your muscles. They may also take your blood pressure and heart rate and consider testing your muscle reflexes.

If the results from this are unclear, you may be asked to take part in a series of lengthier examinations, which could include blood tests, MRI scans, and x-rays. X-rays are common as they allow your specialist to diagnose the condition that you have and see the intricacies of your injury. This can help them to develop a treatment plan that is more in line with your needs.

Only then may they decide to start on chiropractic manipulations as they will have to form a treatment plan from this that considers how to best treat your individual condition over an extended period.

How Long Does Treatment After an Accident Take?

Chiropractic appointments often take no longer than half an hour, and sometimes as little as 5-10 minutes, meaning that you can go to your appointments between other commitments. However, the effects of this treatment are long-lasting, helping to relieve your symptoms for a lifetime. Although the benefits can fade after a while, therefore most plans adapt a once to three times a week structure that can help you to sustain the positive effects of the treatment.
The amount of times that you will have to visit your accident chiropractor a week depends on a range of factors, such as the extent of your condition and how near the start of your treatment plan you are. Most chiropractic treatment courses last for between 3 weeks to 3 months depending on your condition.

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