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Accident injury clinics can be vital components on your road to recovery after an auto accident, with them providing a number of different healthcare services, such as chiropractic care and massage treatments, that can help your condition to rapidly improve. To find out more about how medical treatment at an accident injury clinic near Lawn Acres, Hollywood, FL can support you through this difficult time, read on.

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What personal injuries do accident injury clinics cover?

The most common type of accident that injury clinics deal with is automobile accidents, and with over 6 million car accidents a year in the United States, it is easy to see why. Many of these car accidents lead to common injuries such as whiplash injury and traumatic brain injuries.

At Icon Medical, we have strived to help over 20,000 people who have sustained auto accident injuries, helping them to adjust and recover in the long term. This medical treatment is aided by Florida’s motor vehicle insurance policy that provides up to $10,000 worth of medical benefits for those who have been injured in an accident due to the negligence of another party.

We also work to help those suffering from injuries in the workplace, such as slip and falls, and injuries that have resulted from heavy lifting. These can include back and neck pain, strains, and fractures. Workplace injuries can cause major issues for those that sustain them due to the inability to return to work for long periods of time. However, chiropractic care techniques, such as chiropractic adjustments, can help you to get back to work as quickly as possible through boosting your natural healing processes.

Lastly, we also work to help those who have been injured while playing sports at a professional and amateur level, with estimates of 8.6 million people a year falling victim to sporting injuries. These injuries include fractures, sprains, and back and neck pain, all of which can prevent you from playing sports for the rest of the season.

Although you can prevent injuries by taking precautions such as warming up and staying hydrated, if you do sustain an injury, an accident doctor near you can help you to get back to the game.

What common injury symptoms do accident injury doctors near me relieve?

One of the most common symptoms that clients experience when they have sustained an injury is prolonged pain, both around the affected area and throughout the whole body. This can prevent you from carrying out normal daily tasks and can even affect your social and working life.

Here at Icon Medical, our medical doctors can treat pain through pain management solutions such as trigger point injections, where a small amount of anesthetic is inserted into the area that is causing you pain. Our auto accident chiropractors can also aid pain through spinal manipulations to reduce any tension on the nervous system and the number of pain receptors that are traveling between your spine and your brain.

The other major symptom of accident-related injuries that we treat is inflammation.

Inflammation can be a large problem for those that experience it as it can restrict your movement and prevent healing. However, treatments such as massage can help to reduce inflammation by releasing tension, stress, and fatigue in the body and boosting the natural healing of the body.

Lastly, Icon Medical Centers can also treat a loss of range of motion after an accident, which can often occur if you have sustained a fracture or strain. However, with methods such as physiotherapy, it is simple to solve any problems relating to any loss of motion. For instance, if you have maintained a traumatic head injury, you may need neuromuscular re-education to re-establish the pathways to your brain and ensure that your body maintains its knowledge of familiar movements.

How Icon Medical’s accident therapy clinics support you?

Our accident clinics can support you throughout this difficult time of your life by coordinating your medical care with your legal team and insurance company to ensure that you get the right medical compensation. Here at Icon Medical, we accept insurance as payment, so you should discuss your specific needs with us to find out if this is applicable to you.

Accident chiropractic clinics can also support you by offering transportation to one of our clinics so that you do not have to worry about missing an appointment if you are unable to drive or take public transport. Our services are all within one clinic, meaning that you will not have to find extensive means of transportation between each one to get the treatment that you need, either.

Not only this, but Icon Medical also offers a range of services to help to support you throughout this period, such as bilingual health specialists, to ensure that everybody can understand their treatment and feels comfortable. We also offer both walk-in appointments and bookings to ensure that you get the care that you need when you need it.

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