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Accident injury clinics near Liberia can help you to receive the specialist care that you need to get back on your feet after an accident. No matter what the severity of your injury or the extent of your recovery time is. Accident injury doctors near you can provide a range of services that vary from spinal manipulations to massage. These procedures can help you to feel better and return to daily life as soon as you are able and ready to. Read on to find out if visiting an accident doctor near you is right for you.

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What are the most common injuries in an accident?

The most common injury in a car crash is whiplash, which occurs when your neck and shoulders are propelled back and forth from the force of the accident. This can cause neck, head, and shoulder pain for many months or even years after the accident has occurred, and it can damage your muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

Head injuries are also extremely common, including more severe traumatic brain injuries. These can not only leave you with pain and migraines, but you may also find that you discover a loss of movement due to the pathways in your brain being diminished.
Lastly, herniated discs, when your disc ruptures and protrudes into the spinal cord, are also extremely common, and you may need spinal manipulations to treat them.

In the workplace, slip and falls are the most common form of accident, and this can lead to injuries such as fractures, sprains, and strains. Muscle strains are also extremely common from incidences of heavy lifting, and you may sustain head injuries from falling objects. Not only this, but repetitive strain injuries are also frequent, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and back pain, from having to carry out the same tasks over a long period.

In sports accidents, head trauma is one of the most common injuries due to collisions in contact sports, and this can lead to some issues with your motion and movement, as well as inducing symptoms such as migraines. Not only this, but knee injuries are also common, and can be solved through chiropractic care by helping to realign them properly.

Lastly, tennis elbow and other muscle strains and repetitive stress issues are often caused by certain sports, and you can relieve the symptoms of these through hands-on adjustments and massage.

How is chiropractic care performed?

The most common form of spinal manipulation done at an accident clinic like Icon Medical is the direct thrust technique, where short and sharp movements are made around the spine. This can work to realign the spinal cord and vertebrae and improve the flexibility of your bones. The spinal mobilization technique may also be used on those who need a milder form of treatment, and this involves stretches and pulls to the muscles and joints, which can encourage them to start working efficiently again.

Techniques such as myofascial release area are also used if you are experiencing pain from trigger points as this involves your chiropractor applying pressure to the myofascial soft tissue around certain areas of the body.

Your chiropractor may also use different tools and equipment to help you to get the best care possible. For instance, rather than use their hands to manipulate your spinal cord, auto accident chiropractors may use an electric adjustment tool to perform the same motions. This handheld instrument gives your spine small pressurized impulses and can be more effective than the use of hands-on means due to their more precise and quick motions.

They may also use a chiropractic table in order to perform techniques, such as the drop-table technique. During these procedures, your chiropractor will apply a direct thrust at the moment that the table drops, which can reduce discomfort for you. For other therapies, your chiropractor may also decide to use an electric muscle stimulation tool, where small currents are projected into the affected area or trigger point.

How do chiropractic treatments work?

When you have undergone chiropractic treatment at an accident therapy clinic near you, you will begin to experience less pain than previously. This is because the spinal manipulations that are being applied to your body help to ensure that your musculoskeletal structure is positioned in the correct way and that this can reduce pressure on the nervous system from misaligned bones. This then reduces your perception of pain and the number of pain receptors that are sent through the body.

Not only this, but accident chiropractic treatment boosts your circulation, and this can, in turn, improve your body’s natural healing process efficiently. However, the extent and effect of chiropractic care depend on your individual situation and the injury that you have sustained. You should contact an Icon Medical accident chiropractor near you directly to find out more about what they can do for you and your injury and the treatments that will help you to heal most.

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