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Accident injury clinics near North Central, Hollywood, FL are important for those that have recently suffered a personal injury from a workplace, sporting, or automobile accident, no matter if their injury will affect them in the long-term or the short-term. An auto accident clinic can provide you with all of the medical care that you need for your injury to improve and to help you to manage your injury while it heals. Here is a guide to help you to know what to expect from your experience at an accident injury clinic like Icon Medical.

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What can you expect from an accident therapy clinic?

Visiting an accident injury clinic for the first time can be incredibly daunting, especially since the type of care that they offer is extremely different from the care that is offered by traditional medical centers across America. At your local accident injury clinic, you will usually be offered a range of chiropractic care techniques, which can include spinal manipulations and massage, as well as a range of other complementary treatments, such as physiotherapy and trigger point injections.

If you choose to undergo chiropractic treatment, a trained accident chiropractor near you will conduct spinal adjustments with their hands or with a similar electronic instrument that replicates the motions of hands-on manipulations. The techniques that are used differ depending on the practitioner and your individual auto accident injury. However, it can include the direct thrust, Gonstead, and the drop-table technique. The most common of these is the direct thrust technique, where your practitioner will use a sharp, quick movement to realign the vertebrae in your spine and release tension on the nervous system.

If you are offered a massage, there are a range of techniques that our auto accident chiropractors may use on you. These include the Swedish massage, which focuses on manipulating the soft tissues in the body, and lymphatic drainage massage, where circular motions are performed near the lymph nodes in the body to speed up the bruising and healing process. Then, you may also be able to receive paraffin bath therapy, which uses heat to reduce the inflammation in your body.

If you decide to opt for physical therapy, this may include neuromuscular re-education. In an accident, your body may lose the pathways that it has created to enable you to perform familiar movements. In a neuromuscular re-education program, you will perform special exercises and stretches, which will help you to regain the pathways that you have lost and help you to move with ease. If your chiropractor recommends electrical muscle stimulation, small electric currents will be sent through your nerves in order to make your muscles contract, which in turn can help them to become stronger.

In certain cases, chiropractic care, physiotherapy, and massage therapy may not be enough to completely heal your car accident injuries. At our accident chiropractic clinic, we also have accident injury doctors near you who can provide more advanced treatment options to ensure that you go back to living a pain-free life. If your treatment plan includes pain management therapy, you may be asked to undergo trigger point injections if the pain is coming from a particular triggering place in your body. During this procedure, a small amount of anesthetic will be inserted via a needle into the affected area of your body, which can help to numb pain in a certain location.

What are the advantages of visiting a car accident clinic?

The advantages of visiting an accident injury clinic include the fact that they will be able to give you the specialist care that clients need after an accident, rather than the general advice given by a general doctor. Icon Medical has treated over 20,000 accident-related injuries, meaning that their accident doctors near you are experienced in supporting those with traumatic injuries.

You will be able to receive a personalized treatment plan that has been specially developed for you, rather than taking a general medication that is used for everyone with your injury. These treatment plans will be decided at your first consultation and will be based on a physical examination and diagnostics testing to ensure that they will deliver the results that you are expecting.

Icon Medical centers can also deliver multiple different results under one roof. Not only do they help you to reduce the pain that you are experiencing, but they can also encourage your body to heal much faster than usual and reduce the inflammation that is impacting your mobility in the affected area. Not only this, but they can also reduce stress and tension in the nervous system, increase your flexibility, and strengthen your muscles.

If you are interested in receiving the ultimate medical treatment from a facility that has been specially developed to care for patients who have been involved in accidents, you should contact Icon Medical as soon as possible, preferably within 14 days of your injury. This can ensure that your treatment is able to work as effectively as possible. However, it will also ensure that you are supported for the full extent of your injury, and are financially covered by your insurance and legal policy for the medical costs that your injury has incurred.

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