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When you had that car accident in the past, did you ever truly recover from it? You might think so because your broken bones healed and your bruises faded away, but if you still suffer from pain once in a while, something might still need to be fixed.

That pain might even be chronic pain, and therefore with you all the time, or it could be acute low back pain which comes and goes but which completely debilitates you when you are suffering from it. If any of these scenarios happen to you, it is best to book an appointment with Icon Medical Centers as soon as you can. The sooner you receive medical treatment from our highly recommended chiropractic physicians, the sooner you can live a normal, pain-free, life once more.

Icon Medical Centers’ Mission

We have a special mission at Icon Medical Centers, accident injury doctor in Pembroke Pines; we aim to help as many people as we can, whether they need urgent medical assistance or they are seeking more long term health care. We have the skills and the personnel to ensure this happens.

There are many different conditions that our Pembroke Pines chiropractor can assist with. From whiplash to acute low back pain, from sciatica to chronic pain in the neck, shoulders, back, legs, or hips, and much more besides. We can even treat migraines and the symptoms of stress, whether they were the result of a car accident or not. The expertise our specialist licensed chiropractors to have is unparalleled, and we can treat you if you need us to; you simply need to make an appointment online to get started.

Icon Medical Centers has put a hugely talented team together, and it is the smooth running of this team and the way each member works together with the others that means our patients get the ultimate chiropractic care. A chiropractic adjustment is only the start, and we can offer much more in terms of additional treatments and aftercare.

At every stage, we will ensure you are kept completely informed of everything that is happening, enabling you to make decisions regarding your own health care. This chance to stay in control is crucial for a happy, healthy patient who can be entirely satisfied with the service Icon Medical Centers provides.

Icon Medical Center’s Team

Our team at Icon Medical Centers is something we are proud of, and something all our health care patients will benefit from. Despite specializing in chiropractic care, Icon Medical Centers offers much more to our patients – we can treat dozens of different conditions and underlying reasons for acute or chronic pain because the team we have put together has great experience in doing just that.

No matter what kind of accident you had, whether it was a fall, a sporting injury, a car accident, or anything else, Icon Medical Centers will be there for you. The range of treatment options on offer at Icon Medical Centers makes us stand out from the crowd, and when you are searching for chiropractic care in Miami, we are the ones you will get the most help from.

Our team consists of surgeons (a neurosurgeon and an orthopedic surgeon), an emergency doctor for urgent medical assistance, and therapists (chiropractic physicians, massage therapists, and physical therapy practitioners). When you have this amount of knowledge, skill, and a great experience all together, is it any wonder why we are so highly recommended and regarded?

How Can Chiropractic Care Help You?

In relative terms, the majority of people may not know quite what a chiropractor does. They might be aware that it has something to do with the spine, but what that is and how it can help them could indeed be a mystery.

It is important that more people understand what a licensed chiropractor can do so that, should they need to seek medical assistance, they will know when a chiropractor is required.

A chiropractor does work on the spine, which is true. They believe that the spine is connected to the rest of the body through the nervous system, and that means that a misaligned spine can cause pain, discomfort, even a feeling of nervousness. By manually manipulating the spine through precise chiropractic adjustment, even chronic pain can be eliminated. Book an appointment today to finally get the pain relief you have been looking for.

Schedule an Appointment with Icon Medical Centers

Icon Medical Centers is the best place for you to book an appointment for chiropractic care. We offer so much more to our patients than many other clinics, enabling you to have the very best treatments in the right combinations to reduce or eliminate your pain and allow you to go back to normal life. Contact us with any questions, and we will gladly answer them; we want you to be satisfied with the service we provide.

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