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Are you looking for an accident doctor? If you live in or near the Fountainbleau area, the Miami accident clinic Icon Medical Center is a great option to consider. The health care clinic is nationally accredited and specializes in injuries, including those sustained following a car accident.

What Conditions does Icon Medical Center Treat?

Our experts specialize in injuries caused by a range of accidents, including car, sports, and work. These injuries might take hours or even days to manifest themselves.

Major trauma, that is best seen at the ER immediately after the accident. What we do at Icon Medical Center’s car accident injury clinic is to offer the best auto injury doctor near Fountainebleau, Miami, to help you deal with less urgent accident injuries.

While they are less urgent, these injuries can be very painful. Even a mild discomfort can become disruptive in your day and lead you to seek out quality rehabilitative care. That makes sense as you should not have to deal with the pain that you did not have before the accident.

You also do not have to deal with the issue alone. We have a team available at the clinic to help you. We provide treatment for:

  • Sprains and strains anywhere in your body
  • Back pain caused by the shock of the impact
  • Neck pain, including whiplash
  • Bulged or herniated discs
  • Joint pains, in your knee, shoulder or wrist
  • Head injuries
  • And more

A car accident triggers an adrenaline rush and the release of endorphins, which can mask the pain in the immediate aftermath. Damage to the spine takes some time to manifest itself.

It is only when inflammation develops in the affected area that you start to feel physical pain on top of any mental anguish you have experienced after the event. That is the moment you need to seek help from an experienced accident therapy clinic near Fountainebleau at the Icon Medical Center.

Who does the Treatments at Icon Medical Centers?

At each of our Icon Medical Centers accident clinics in Miami and Hollywood, we have all the experts you need if you have been in a car accident or another unexpected event that has led to an injury. There is no such thing as accident doctor per se; what you need are doctors who know how to treat injuries and specialize in doing so. That is the definition of our team.

Within the local clinic, you will find:

Chiropractors trained in car accident injuries. These know what to do about the damage to the soft tissue in your neck and back, sustained in a car crash.

Physiatrists who use physical therapy to relieve the pain and help you to regain your mobility.

Neurosurgeons, who are trained to identify possible brain damage and spinal cord damage, as well as devise a personalized treatment plan to address it.

Orthopedic specialists are the experts you need for any bone, joints, and ligaments injuries. Proper diagnosis at the clinic will provide information as to what is the best recovery plan for you.

At each of the Icon Medical Centers auto accident chiropractors near you, the team composed of these skilled osteopathic doctors in Miami will work together to examine the extent of your injuries and decide upon the most effective treatment. While some patients have sessions with more than one of the above-mentioned accident chiropractic doctors near Fountainebleau, others only see one of them. Exactly what your recovery plan looks like will depend on your unique situation.

There is no need to book appointments at various medical offices when your recovery is with Icon Medical’s car accident clinics in Miami and Hollywood. Instead, the experts are all in the same location, for your convenience.

Does a Doctor Need to See You after an Accident?

The moment you notice a pain caused by a strained muscle or spinal damage or notice something is not feeling quite right, then immediately call a doctor. First, you want that problem looked at ASAP as the condition might get worse if left untreated.

Dull back pain might seem benign and, while it is not life-threatening, it might make your life miserable for weeks and months to come. It might come to a point where you find yourself unable to work. Besides being in constant pain, you are also looking at serious wage loss.

You must bear in mind that under Florida law, you are entitled to medical treatment following a car accident, no matter who caused the accident. At the same time, you only have 14 days to visit a doctor and get a diagnostic if you want to claim medical benefits.

If you have never been in a car accident before, you might be unfamiliar with the complex legal process involved. You might not even have a lawyer, but the Icon Medical Center accident chiropractors in Miami and Hollywood can help. In addition to providing an accident doctor near Fountainebleau, we can help you find a lawyer. We have partnerships with the best car accident lawyers in the area, for example, to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Give us a call today to set up an appointment to start your recovery at one of our car accident clinics near you.

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