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Chiropractic Rehabilitation in North Miami

At ICON Medical, we will work with you from day one to ensure you feel like yourself as soon as possible.

We help your body regain maximum movement and reduce pain at the source after an accident of any kind at our North Miami FL location. We can help you recover after a recent injury or one that should have healed months ago. Our specialists will find a unique treatment program tailored to your specific needs.

When Do You Need Chiropractic Care?

reduction in movement or flexibility, or aches. You can benefit from chiropractic rehabilitation either shortly after an injury or to help finally heal after a long-term bone break or accident. 

Our injury centers team have dealt with those who needed therapy after Miami car accident. They also work with those who need help after workplace injuries and even people who have suffered from a slip fall or trip.

If you want to get on top of a condition like whiplash or neck pain before it becomes chronic pain, then contact our car accident clinic North Miami today.

Only the Best Staff in their Fields

We have the best staff in their fields working with at our accident clinic Miami. On top of a licensed chiropractor, we also have a board-certified emergency physician, a board-certified neurosurgeon, orthopedic surgeon, a psychiatrist, and physical and massage therapists. With years of experience behind us, we can work with you on your pain management and recovery with the confidence, knowledge and skills you deserve.

Our Comprehensive Therapies South Miami

With a range of different therapies on offer to our patients, don’t think that any injury will be too much for our dedicated team. This is because we offer a wide range of therapies on top of our chiropractic rehabilitation. 


If you need any additional help on your road to recovery, then we will do it. There isn’t a single recovery journey that is the same, which is why everyone starts with a consultation and diagnosis.

Experienced with Insurance Companies and Attorneys

If you have been in an accident of any kind and are covered by insurance or have a case for compensation, then we will help you. We have experience working with attorneys and insurance companies which can aid you in getting what you need. We also accept most insurance policies, so you may just be completely covered when you visit us.

Get in Touch Today

Get in touch with us today to learn how Chiropractic therapy can help you after an accident. Our personal injury clinic North Miami is built to handle all types of injuries, from chronic pain to auto accident injuries. If you have any specific questions or simply wish to make an enquiry don’t hesitate to contact us today at one of our convenient locations.

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