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After an accident, the first thing that most people will do is look for trauma to their bodies. They will search out broken limbs, abrasions, bruises, scrapes, and anything else that they can immediately see that is clearly causing pain and needs urgent care. These things are easy to see and diagnose, and medical care is usually a relatively simple thing to do.

Yet don’t be fooled into thinking these are the only common injuries victims can suffer. There are many other conditions that are ‘invisible,’ but that can cause just as much pain and hardship as the more obvious ones can. These invisible injuries can stop you from working, from sleeping, from enjoying family time, from playing sports, from doing whatever your favorite hobby happens to be. They can, in short, change your life for the worse, affecting your range of motion enormously.

This is why Icon Medical’s auto accident chiropractor near Sunny Isles Beach was created. These invisible injuries might not be there to be seen, but they are there to be felt, and when you are in constant pain, as you might well be when you have one of these injuries, your relationships, career, and life, in general, can become extremely difficult. So our accident therapy clinic near Sunny Isles Beach is here for you, to help you return to normal and reduce or eliminate that pain altogether.

We Do Understand What You’re Going Through

One of the things we’re most proud of is our capacity for understanding. Through the years, we have helped to put many different people’s lives back on track, whatever it was that caused the injury in the first place. Due to this, we have learned how to help not only on a physical level but on an emotional one too.

As well as understanding what you’re thinking and feeling, we understand the human body. In fact, we know it extremely well, dedicating our lives to learning more about it all the time.

You Are Unique

Everyone is entirely unique. Even if you are similar to someone else with the same likes and dislikes, or the same world views, there are still always going to be differences.

It’s what makes the Icon Medical car accident clinic near Sunny Isles Beach so good. We create unique, bespoke treatment plans for every single one of our patients.

Our accident doctor near Sunny Isles Beach is not here to offer quick fixes and temporary reprieves from pain after auto accidents. We’re here to help you in the long term. This might mean you need more than one session with our experts, or that you need to continue helping yourself after you leave our care.

The beauty of getting physical or massage therapy from Icon Medical’s car accident injury clinic is that we will give you all the information you need right at the start, including our proposed treatment plan for you. You will always know exactly what is happening, and you will always have complete control over what you do when it comes to your personal injury and your life going forward.

Whatever you decide, Icon Medical will be there to treat your injuries and pain in the best way possible for you.

It’s The Team That Makes The Icon Difference

Icon Medical has always been rightly proud of the team of osteopathic doctors we have working for us at our auto injury doctor near Sunny Isles Beach. Everyone focuses on the patient, giving the best care whether they are part of the medical team or the administration branch. We all work together here to give each patient a cohesive, comfortable, efficient visit.

You will find expert chiropractors at our accident clinic, and these accident chiropractic practitioners play an integral part in our team since most of the people who come to us need chiropractic care and physical therapy. However, we also have many other healthcare professionals, including massage therapists, physiotherapists, and surgeons. When combined, there is always going to be a positive outcome in terms of creating the ultimate treatment plan because we don’t just propose one type of treatment.

Insurance Worries Don’t Need To Affect You

We try to go above and beyond for our patients as much as possible, which is why we will deal with your insurance too. Rather than our patients having to explain what happened in the car accident and what their treatment entails, we will do it for you if your insurer will allow it. This way, you don’t have to worry about it, and your insurance company will get precise, accurate details.

Plus, should a court date be required for any form of accident injury, we can offer expert testimony regarding your case, the problems you have experienced, and what it will take to help you recover.

As you can see, Icon Medical is here from beginning to end, and we will help in whatever way we can.

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