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If you have never been involved in a car accident, or you only have been involved in a relatively minor car wreck, you might not understand just why seeing a chiropractor would be needed; however, if you have had a bad accident that left you with both visible and hidden injuries, the idea of a chiropractor helping you will make a lot of sense.

Making an appointment to see Icon Medical Centers, an accident therapy clinic near Three Lakes, should you be your step if the pain you are now in after your accident is such that it is taking over your life. Even when the physical scars are healed, the pain left behind can be life-changing in a negative way, and getting professional help is necessary.

That’s what our car accident injury clinic is here for. We’re here to ensure you can get your life back to normal and not have to live in pain anymore. Our expert team is on hand to make things right and improve function once again.

Pain Is Destructive

Depending on the kind of personal injuries you might have suffered during your accident – the work injuries someone will have after a slip or fall will differ to those suffering from an auto accident, for example – you could feel pain in many different places in your body including your legs, back, shoulder, hips, neck, and head.

If you are in chronic pain, the effect on your body and your mind (because your mental health will certainly be affected) will be negative indeed, and you might find you are unable to work, to enjoy your home life, to sleep, to eat, or do anything at all in some cases.

Everything will have been taken from you because of the accident you were in and the pain that has resulted from it. Everything you loved to do will no longer be possible in the worst extremes.

This is why it is so important to speak to a medical care professional. It’s why you should speak to the team at Icon Medical Centers, your auto accident chiropractor near Three Lakes. Our team of osteopathic doctors knows how to treat car accident injuries as well as providing sporting accident treatment for you. This means you can start to enjoy the benefits from physical therapy within minutes, and over time gain back a full range of motion.

Don’t Worry About Insurance

It can be daunting to think of obtaining the help of a good chiropractor. Not because you aren’t sure if they can help you (at Icon we promise we can) but because of the insurance issue and all the paperwork that has to go with it. Some auto insurers are tricky to deal with, for example, and that can stop people from seeking the help they need.

There is no need to worry about this when you engage the services of Icon Medical’s car accident clinic near Three Lakes. We work with insurers directly, giving you the chance to concentrate solely on healing from your auto accident injuries and carrying out the exercises your expert chiropractor has given you as part of your wonderful aftercare treatment plan. Taking away the burden of having to deal with your insurance company at an already fraught time should make the option of visiting our accident therapy clinic near Three Lakes much more appealing.

In certain situations, Icon Medical’s auto injury doctor near Three Lakes can even go further. Some accident cases require going to court, and that’s a worrying thing. With Icon Medical Centers offering expert testimony on your behalf, you can stop being so stressed. We will talk about the injuries you received and the treatment you need with clarity and honesty, giving a true overall picture for you and of you.

We Can Find Out What’s Wrong

When you are involved in an accident, you might develop many different issues, and it could be that you are suffering from whiplash, sciatica, neck pain, a slipped disc, bulging or herniated discs, or something else entirely.

As we have so much experience between us and individually, therapy clinic accident professionals can diagnose your problem and set out the right treatment plan quickly and professionally. Our highly trained and fully qualified chiropractors can then work on your spine, realigning it, setting things right, and showing you how much difference, their work can make to your life.

It might not be chiropractic care you need – or at least, not just accident chiropractic care. Not to worry; the team at our accident therapy clinic near Three Lakes is made up of many different experts in various disciplines for injury treatment including:

  • Chiropractors
  • Surgeons – both neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons
  • Physical therapists
  • Massage therapists

It is clear to see that no matter what your diagnoses are, major or minor, chronic, or short term, Icon Medical’s accident doctor near Three Lakes is the physical therapy chiropractic clinic you need.

Your Own Bespoke Treatment Plan

Our patients are always at the heart of everything we do. Our work is just for them, and so we determine to create the ultimate treatment plan for every person who walks through the door.

We offer entirely bespoke, personalized treatment plans that consider the reason for the pain, the healing process, the treatment already given, the patient’s lifestyle, and how they can cope by themselves. Taking all of this together, our experts can come up with the treatment plan that’s going to help you best.

We take pride in offering exceptional aftercare treatment, and this is part of the process at Icon Medical Centers. Teaching our patients how they can prevent a relapse, particularly if they might be vulnerable to one, is crucial.

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