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Florida is a beautiful place to live. Like so many other locations, though, it can be a place where accidents happen, and you cannot plan for the unexpected. When you have sustained an accident, whether it is in a car, at work, or elsewhere, the most critical thing is to ensure you are alright.

Even if there is not a visible injury or if you only experience some stiffness or pain, it is still vital that you get an exam from a car accident clinic near you. Why? The reason is that the mild discomfort you are experiencing now can turn into a serious medical issue later if it goes unchecked and untreated.

If you have sustained an accident-related injury in the Westchester, Florida area, then reach out to us at Icon Medical Center to help you. We can design a treatment plan with you to meet your needs.

Who are We?

Icon Medical Centers’ auto accident chiropractor near Westchester features a team of medical experts with the latest resources. Our focus is on helping you recover fully from your accident.

We provide specialized support as an auto injury doctor near Westchester. From car accidents to sports-related injuries, work accidents, and fall injuries, our main focus is accidents.

You have our undivided attention. Regardless of the type of injury sustained from the accident, our team of osteopathic doctors in Miami accident clinic Icon Medical has got you covered with a range of different rehabilitative techniques available. The team includes:

  • Accredited Massage Therapists. We offer Deep Tissue Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, and more. Our massages are designed to relieve pain and help improve the flexibility and tension of a specific bodily area, depending on where you feel pain and the severity of it.
  • Physiotherapists. Our team will lead you through Infrared Light Therapy for pain relief, Hot/Cold Therapy for improvements in mobility, and Electrical Muscle Stimulation for relief of muscle stiffness. Exactly what combination you receive, or if you only receive one, will depend on your unique case and personal preferences.
  • Chiropractors. Our team specializes in Osteopathic Treatment, which is designed to decrease pressure in your back and neck, reduce pain, and build back mobility. The experts understand gentleness of care, as well as proper technique. They will help anyone looking for neck or back pain therapy in Miami.

How Can We Help You?

Exactly what your rehab plan will look like will be different than another patient at Icon Medical Centers’ accident clinic in Miami. The reason is that you have had a unique event happen to you and your body is not the same as one else’s. Thus, the care taken for you will not be identical to someone else.

Our accident chiropractic clinic near Westchester understands that your treatment must be personalized to your needs and your comfort level too. The process begins when you call us to set up an appointment with our friendly customer service team. Then, you come in for an initial consultation.  

At this point, our trained team of specialists will assess the damage and provide a diagnosis based on years of experience. They will then consult with you to “get the whole picture.”

Once the assessment is done, we will design a specially-tailored recovery system for you that may include one or more of the above-mentioned therapies. This treatment will focus on pain relief and is designed to help restore the mobility and flexibility your body had before the accident.

The number of sessions you will need, and the frequency of them, are part of this discussion. Please feel free to ask the experts questions at any point and speak up if you feel discomfort. There is never any pressure to move forward if you are not ready, and our professionals always have your best interests in mind.

Should You Call an Accident Chiropractor in Miami Near Westchester?

We hope you will do so. As a matter of fact, you should call us as soon as you finish reading this because it’s important to catch an injury early. The more you ignore it, thinking it is just a little pain that will pass eventually, the more likely it is that your injury will have long-lasting (and possibly permanent) effects.

Furthermore, it is essential to seek professional medical help from a car accident injury clinic as soon as you can after an accident to benefit from specific cost coverage and bonuses. Under Florida Law, specifically, if you seek help in the first 14 days after your accident, then you are entitled to certain medical-related benefits. Thus, it is likely in your best interests to act sooner rather than later.

Reach Out for Help

You do not have to suffer in pain alone, and you do not have to sacrifice the quality of life you had before your accident. Give us a call so that our team of experts can schedule an appointment and begin the healing process. The Icon Medical Center is here for you.

The experienced accident doctor near Westchester can provide you with a custom recovery plan to help you feel better physically, and mental wellness can naturally improve during this process.

We look forward to receiving your phone call.

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