ACL Tear

ACL Tear

ACL Tear

Treating ACL Tear at our Chiropractic Clinic

If you have a particular enthusiasm for sports, you may have already heard about this particular type of injury. An ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) tear is more minute and hidden than most muscle tears. Nonetheless, it still packs a powerful punch in terms of pain. An ACL tear could see you needing to rest up for quite some time after an injury.

ACL Tear ACL Tear ACL Tear

As mentioned above, an ACL tear refers to the spraining of your anterior cruciate ligament. The name might be quite a mouthful, but all you need to know is that it is one of the biggest ligaments inside your knee. It’s quite a hidden area to have a tear, which is quite those who play contact sports such as American football and rugby, or high-intensity sports that require a lot of flexibility (skiing, soccer, and basketball) are more likely to succumb to such an injury. In fact, it’s said around seven out of 10 ACL injuries come as a direct result of playing sport. Any situation where you could hit the floor quite heavily is likely to add damage to your knee. Despite this seeming such an obscure and minor place to experience an injury, an ACL tear is actually one of the most common injuries when it comes to knee damage.

You will not be able to immediately deduce on your own whether you have strained your anterior cruciate ligament. However, some key indicators to let your doctor know about are:

  • As with any good strain or tear, you may hear a popping sound in your knee.
  • Swelling may start to occur afterward.
  • Your weight may start to cause pain on the joint, making standing and movement difficult.

As mentioned before, ACL tears are incredibly common, particularly when it comes to sports. This means that reconstructive surgery is also incredibly common, particularly when it comes to returning you to your former glory. In a practical sense, you will need to have the ligament reconstructed in order for you to have the strength to put weight on it. An unstable knee could spell further problems down the line.

Physical therapy

Going in for physical therapy is incredibly important for many sporting enthusiasts and athletes. It helps to ensure that you are gradually rehabilitated to your former fighting self. Any condition, particularly an ACL tear, that creates regular, enduring pain should be dealt with immediately. Physical therapy is great for aiding the process of repairing muscles after an injury or accident. Your ligaments and tendons (such as your ACL) will need to gradually repair over time to ensure that you get back to the flexibility you once had.

When you start hunting for a physical therapist, be sure to track down someone who is very experienced and is used to providing tailored programs. You can often tell if you are working with seasoned professionals, as they will carry out an examination beforehand. Our physicians in Hollywood and Miami will take into account your medical history and injury before carrying out any therapies.

If you’re wondering what physical therapy entails, then it combines a combination of relaxing massages and physical exercises. Our therapists will help you with some stretching exercises to get your flexibility back, as well as some core strength practice to get you back to your peak fitness. If your injury and ACL tear has had a profound influence on your ability to move, we will also help you with walking and balance. You may be surprised by how an ACL tear can influence your ability to bear weight.

Physical therapy for ACL tears doesn’t just stop at the clinic doors, however. Your physician or therapist will likely craft a routine to practice at home, too. This ensures you are getting the absolute most from our therapists, and that your journey towards recovery is constant and moving forward.

Ultimately, on top of the physical exercises and stretches that we set you, our aim is to make you more comfortable. We also use massage and specific pain reduction medicines to prevent what can be the most debilitating part of an injury: pain.

If you suspect you have incurred an ACL injury, then you must go to your doctor immediately. You will only be able to confirm that this is what you have done by x-ray and a medical opinion. After that, you may need to go for reconstructive surgery. However, this should be the jump-off point for your recovery. By visiting one of our Florida-based clinics, you can start your rehabilitation process. This will help you to get back to enjoying daily life, or perhaps even the sport that caused your injury in the first place. Recovery is not just important for soothing pain, but also for rebuilding your confidence.