After-Accident Doctor

After-Accident Doctor Hialeah

After-Accident Doctor Hialeah

Schedule an appointment with the best after-accident doctor in Hialeah, and you’ll have access to a top Hialeah chiropractor and have your pick of physical therapy treatments all in the same location. That’s the benefit of going to a medical clinic for your chiropractic care. That, and of course, the fact that we accept insurance.

You can use your health care insurance company, or if you start within 14 days from your auto accident, you can even get your auto insurance to cover your costs. There are so many excellent reasons to choose Icon Medical, as we make it our goal to help you recover after your accident.

After-Accident Doctor Hialeah After-Accident Doctor Hialeah After-Accident Doctor Hialeah

Reasons to Choose Icon Medical as Your Hialeah After-Accident Doctor

There are so many great reasons to choose Icon Medical for your pain management and recovery needs after a car accident.

1. Wide Range of Treatments

We offer a wide range of treatments for our clients, so you will always have an option available to you. A licensed chiropractor can help stop the pain in your back and neck in just a few short sessions, while we can help you manage your pain and improve your recovery rate for longer-lasting injuries.

2. Personalized Treatment Plan

Our highly recommended clinic is the go-to place for a chiropractic adjustment, physical therapy, massage therapy, and even pain managing injections. We have something for almost all of your auto accident injuries and can help refer you to a specialist if required for your recovery.

3. Medical Clinic

The reason why we can offer this guarantee is because of our medical team. They will check over your condition and only green light treatment with one of our chiropractic physicians if you are in a fit enough state. Otherwise, we will recommend you first get treatment from a hospital or specialist and then come back to continue your rehabilitation at a later stage.

4. We Accept Insurance

Get chiropractic adjustment when you need it for as long as you need it. We can help you manage ongoing and acute low back pain, as well as conditions like osteoporosis. Not only that but as we accept health care insurance, you can forget about the costs and instead enjoy your treatment. We know you will be more than satisfied with the service we offer.

5. We Are Nationally Accredited

When you book an appointment with us for your accident injury, you get the guarantee that only a National Accreditation can offer. The Joint Commission nationally accredits us, and to earn that accreditation, we had to exceed the high standards of care and service laid out by The Joint Commission.

6. Bilingual Services

We want you to be comfortable with your chiropractor in Hialeah, and if that means you would prefer to find one that offers services in Spanish, then look no further. All of our treatments are available in both English and Spanish.

7. Transportation Services

If you are in chronic pain, or your injuries are severe, then you should never put yourself through the stress of public transportation or driving yourself. If you don’t have a friend or loved one who is happy to take you to your appointments, however, all you need is to let us know. We have transportation services that we can organize to pick you up and drop you home as often as you need.

8. Holistic Pain Management Alternative

Come to us with your chronic pain, or come to us after receiving urgent medical attention, and we will follow up with essential rehabilitative care. When you are in pain, you never want your only option to be pain killers. These don’t stop the pain; they hide it. As our treatments work at the source to give you a great experience, we can better help you cope or stop the source’s pain.

For example, chiropractic care can adjust the spine and relieve the pinched nerves that are causing you pain. Similarly, if your pain is from tensed and healing tissue, our physical therapy and massage therapy specialists can help ease it away without medication.

We are not here to completely remove you from your medication. We are here to diversify your pain management solution with holistic, effective solutions.

Book an Appointment

Seek medical treatment with our exceptional team and call or make an appointment online through our online form. If you try to get in touch with us outside of office hours, don’t worry, as we will get back to you the next working day and will strive to book you in for a consultation ASAP.

The first step will involve a check-up, and if our doctors think that our treatments are a good fit for your injuries, we will then get started with crafting you a personalized treatment plan.