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If you are on the hunt for a great Hollywood chiropractor, go the full mile and choose the best after-accident doctor in Hollywood instead. A regular chiropractor in Hollywood, FL, cannot do many things, but at our injury clinic in Hollywood, we offer it all.

You will enjoy chiropractic care from professionals and enjoy a variety of physical therapy treatments. What’s more, all of your treatments will be overseen by a medical professional, so you can enjoy the guarantee that can only come from a clinic like ours.

We can help with all types of physical injuries. Come to us after you have been involved in a car accident, or if you have been suffering from an injury like acute low back pain and want to address it finally. Our team of osteopathic doctors put your health care at the forefront of what we do and will aim to help get your body back up to its best possible condition together.

All you need to get started is to book an appointment. Once you do, you’ll be able to enjoy all the great effective treatments and services that Icon Medical has to offer.

Our Chiropractic Treatments

One of the primary reasons to seek medical attention from a chiropractic physician is because you hit your back hard. Your spine might be compressed, it might be pinching on a nerve, or it might just be bruised.

Chiropractic care from a licensed chiropractor can do wonders to help you recover from a range of back and spinal related injuries, and you never have to worry about these treatments hurting you. We will always check you over before we start treatment, and medical doctors will supervise your recovery.

Our Physical Therapy Treatments

Physical therapy goes hand-in-hand with the chiropractic adjustment. It is ideal for helping with injuries and dealing with pain. It is just as effective for chronic pain issues as well, and we have several techniques ideal for those who suffer from chronic joint pain like arthritis.

1.    Paraffin Wax Therapy

You’ll have a great experience with our paraffin wax therapy, which works wonders, particularly on joints. It works by dipping the joint in melted paraffin wax a few times to build up a thick enough coating. Once done, the heat will seep into the injury, reducing tension, stiffness and improving circulation.

2.    Hot/Cold Therapy

We have many great hot and cold therapies to help you recover from your accident injury. Heat works to reduce muscle tension and improve circulation, whereas cold, either used on its own or alongside heat, reduces swelling.

3.    Infrared Therapy

Infrared therapy is highly recommended and offers several benefits, from cellular regeneration to detoxification. It provides the same health benefits as the sun does, only without the risk or damage caused by UV-A or UV-B rays.

4.    Electrical Muscle Stimulation Therapy

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) therapy is a great treatment if you are experiencing muscle spasms. These are most common with sports accident injuries, but there are many different instances where it will be beneficial. If EMS isn’t a good fit for you individually, don’t worry, as we have other treatments that can help with muscle spasms and pain.

5.    Mechanical Traction Therapy

An auto accident can put a lot of pressure and pain on your spine. The best way to fix these issues is with a chiropractor, though to decompress the spine, we do recommend mechanical traction therapy instead of manual adjustment. This treatment is simple, and it just uses a tool to pull gently at your neck. One of our chiropractors will then go in and adjust your spine for lasting relief.

Our Massage Therapy Treatments

When you schedule an appointment with a Hollywood after-accident doctor, it may seem strange to start going to massage therapy sessions but know that they also serve many excellent purposes for as great as they feel. Massages can help with your muscle stiffness and pain, and they also help improve circulation.

Our Pain Management Injections

If you needed urgent medical attention, then you will want our pain management solutions for your aftercare. Not only can you also get our treatment covered by your insurance company, we have many options for you to choose from. For example, we offer a few pain managing injections for targeted pain relief that will stop the pain at its source.

Start Your Treatment at Icon Medical

We want you to be 100% satisfied with the service you get from us, which is why we offer additional support services like transportation services, bilingual services, and even legal aid services. As a medical clinic, we can even help you if you are coming to us after a car accident, as our treatment can be included in your auto insurance coverage if you start within 14 days.

Don’t dally. You don’t need to live in pain. We can help, and all you need is to make an appointment online or call our team today.

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