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After-Accident Doctor Near Me

After-Accident Doctor Near Me

Put your health care first after an accident and start treatment at the best after-accident doctor near me. As a medical clinic, first and foremost, we offer the guarantee and care that you will not find at a regular chiropractor. Not only that, but we offer many different types of treatments to help you with your auto accident injuries.

Our goal is for you to be 100% satisfied with the service you receive from us. It does not matter if you need a chiropractor in Florida to help you after a car accident, or you want to continue your physical therapy after receiving urgent medical attention at a hospital. We can help.

After-Accident Doctor Near Me After-Accident Doctor Near Me After-Accident Doctor Near Me

When you choose Icon Medical, you will have access to our medical staff, chiropractic adjustment, physical therapy, and so much more. We can help a wide variety of injury types, from a wide range of accidents.

Treatment for Your Accident Injury

We come highly recommended and offer so much more than the average Florida chiropractor. You will have everything you need to cover from almost every injury, and we frequently have clients come to us after these accident types:

Auto Accident

Auto accidents are always more serious than you might think, even if you did not need emergency services to come to your rescue. Velocity, mass, and bad luck all make the injuries you sustain in an auto accident so much more severe than in other cases.

That is why, under Florida law, you can use your auto insurance to get coverage for your health care costs. All you need to get covered is to schedule an appointment with us within 14 days of your accident. We can help with things like whiplash, all the way to providing ongoing, holistic pain management for more serious injuries.

Sports Accident

Sports accidents can cause lasting chronic pain without treatment, and it does not matter the level at which you play. You could be hurt playing sports with your kids in your own backyard and still deserve the full range of services that pros are afforded when they are harmed. We offer all the treatment you will need, so call our team or make an appointment online through our digital form to get your treatment started.

Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall accidents happen often, and unfortunately, they get more dangerous as we get older. For seniors, it could be deadly, depending on the severity of the fall. You can break a bone, or at the very least, suffer from a joint or spinal injury as you try to protect your head and torso instinctively.

We can help with your slip and fall injuries, starting by checking your head and neck for any concerns that we will want you to go to a specialist. If all that seems to be clear, we can help you manage your pain and stop it where it counts.

Other Accident

Due to our treatments’ nature, we can help after almost every accident, which is why we are the go-to after-accident doctor near me for many Floridian residents. We can help with chronic pain, acute low back pain, injury pain, and so much more, and the best part is that you can get your treatment covered by your medical insurance company.

Rehabilitation after Hospitalization

If you seek medical treatment after you have been discharged from your hospital to help you deal with something like back pain or pain management, book an appointment with our team. We know exactly how to help after hospitalization and can help you manage your pain as you recover. Our treatments naturally make it faster to recover and give you two reasons to seek out the best after-accident doctor near me.

Treatment for Chronic Conditions

We have physical therapy treatments available for concerns like arthritis and chiropractic care treatment options for issues like osteoporosis. The fact is that when it comes to a chronic condition like these, where surgery is not an option, and there is no cure, physical therapies like the ones that we offer are essential.

Ready to Get Started?

We guarantee you will have a great experience with your aftercare for your accident injury. A licensed chiropractor can work wonders on neck and spinal injuries, and physical therapy is available for your joint and muscle injuries.

Not only that, but your chiropractic physician will be working alongside a medical team, and together we will guarantee you will always get the best possible treatment when you need it.

All you need to get started is to call us or use our online form. If you get in touch outside of office hours, we will get back to you the next working day, so do not hesitate and get in touch today.