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After-Accident Doctor

After-Accident Doctor

A Florida chiropractor and physical therapist can do a lot to improve your auto accident injuries, but without medical supervision, they can either miss their mark or even hurt you. It’s in your best interest to avoid that risk and instead go to an after-accident doctor like Icon Medical. First and foremost, we are a medical clinic, are run by a Medical Director, and have several doctors on staff, including a neurosurgeon.

After-Accident Doctor After-Accident Doctor After-Accident Doctor

We will always check over your injuries ourselves and work with your body and its recovery rate when building your personalized treatment plan. This means you won’t just get access to chiropractic adjustment, but that when you seek medical treatment from us, you can enjoy physical therapy and even more targeted pain management solutions.

Our team of osteopathic doctors can help with almost every type of accident injury, but it is important to remember that you will also have a great experience if you have an old problem, like acute low back pain as well. If you are hurting due to a physical injury, then we can help.

Types of Accident Injuries We Treat at Icon Medical

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your health care service when you visit an after-accident doctor. We want you to enjoy the treatments both as part of your physical recovery and because they feel great. We want to help you with all of your common injuries and help either directly or in a secondary care capacity.

Neck Injuries

Neck injuries are very common in accidents, especially in a car accident or other accident that involves machinery, like a boat, ATV, or jet ski. The body cannot handle being thrown about, and even with a seat belt; your neck is still at risk. Not only that, but neck injuries can be very delicate. That’s why you need not just any regular chiropractor in Florida to treat you. You need an after-accident doctor.

Our neurosurgeon will check over your head and neck for injuries as part of your first session when you schedule an appointment with us. Only when he okays your treatment will you then start with a licensed chiropractor to get those aches and pains at their source.

Spinal Injuries

Spinal injuries are common in almost every accident time. From an auto accident to a slip and fall accident, or even just everyday living, your spine can get hurt. You might call it a thrown back, but the fact is that the best way to treat these kinds of injuries is with chiropractic care. You get access to a top-notch chiropractic physician and more just by calling or making an appointment online with our team.

Joint and Ligament Injuries

Elbow injuries, knee injuries, wrist injuries, repetitive strain injuries, arthritis – some many different injuries and conditions can cause pain flare-ups and complications in your joints.

Though going to a specialist is prudent to get certain problems solved permanently, in cases where you were injured or where there is no cure for your condition, our treatment can be exactly what you are looking for. We offer paraffin wax therapy, infrared therapy, and several other heat therapies that will help ease the pain and give you as much mobility as possible.

Muscle Injuries

Book an appointment with us, and your next massage won’t just feel good; it will help you recover. Our specialists know exactly how to massage injuries so that they hurt less and loosen up. In the process, this also increases circulation, making it easier for your body to heal itself.

Secondary Recovery

There are two other instances where it is highly recommended that you visit us. If you need urgent medical attention, for example, surgery or dealing with ongoing chronic pain. Recovering from surgery can be very painful, and though there is a grace period where rest is the best thing for you, know that we are there for you to help you along with your recovery. We can manage your pain and speed up your body’s healing, so give us a call.

Why Choose Icon Medical

Icon Medical is the best after accident doctor in the state. It offers so much more than any other chiropractor in Florida from day one. Our medical staff and exceptional services make us stand out, and not only that, but they also mean that we can accept insurance coverage.

You have 14 days after your car accident, for example, to go through your auto insurance. For other accident injury types or chronic conditions, know that you can go through your medical insurance company instead.

Have your care covered, have greater access to treatments, and enjoy additional services like transportation help or the ability to be treated in Spanish rather than in English. We are here for you, so get in touch and schedule your appointment today.