Ankle Fracture

Suffering from an Ankle Fracture in Miami FL

Suffering from an Ankle Fracture in Miami FL

Treating Ankle Fractures at our Miami Chiropractic Clinic

There are three main bones in your ankle, and a fracture of any of them will result in pain and discomfort, as well as a decrease in mobility. Your tibia, fibula and talus are all vulnerable to injury, and the intense pain of an ankle fracture can be very hard to ignore. Treating a fracture in the ankle can take time, with a combination of medication and physical therapy that will ensure that you get to pre-accident health levels sooner rather than later.

If you have recently injured your ankle in a car accident, while playing sports, or even simply taking a slight misstep on the way home from work, you must get it treated as early as possible. The experts at the Icon Medical Centers in Miami can help get you on the road to recovery with a personalized treatment plan that will take your injury and your lifestyle into account.

Suffering from an Ankle Fracture in Miami FL Suffering from an Ankle Fracture in Miami FL Suffering from an Ankle Fracture in Miami FL

What are the Symptoms of a Broken Ankle?

When you are involved in an accident, you may actually hear your bone fracture as it happens. This will be recognized by a scraping, grinding, or snapping noise. However, a fracture is not certain at this point. You may have simply sprained or bruised the ankle. Still, the following symptoms may be an indication that your ankle is fractured:

  • You experience severe pain that does not fade away
  • There is swelling in the affected ankle
  • Your ankle is tender and painful to touch, with bruising
  • You have difficulty moving your foot or walking on it

Unfortunately, some of these symptoms can be confused with a sprained ankle, which is why it is always a good idea to get medical treatment earlier rather than later. A sprained ankle may not be as serious as a fracture, but if you tear or stretch the ligaments in your ankle, then you may experience high levels of pain. While a broken or fractured ankle will be more painful, it can be hard to tell the difference when you are suffering.

Our team of experienced medical experts can determine the extent and type of injury so that you can start getting the right treatment as quickly as possible. A physical exam and stress test will often be enough to determine whether you have a fractured or sprained ankle, although in some cases, an x-ray, CT scan, or MRI scan will be needed. If a fracture is revealed to be the cause of your pain, we will then determine the type of fracture, as this will make physical therapy easier and safer. You may have suffered from a:

  • Bimalleolar ankle fracture
  • Bimalleolar equivalent fracture
  • Lateral malleolus fracture
  • Posterior malleolus fracture
  • Medial malleolus fracture
  • Trimalleolar fracture
  • Pilon fracture
  • Maisonneuve fracture

Knowing the type of fracture in your ankle will make it easier to develop a treatment and recovery plan that is designed around your injury and lifestyle.

Fractured Ankle Pain Management and Physical Therapy in Miami, Florida

The Icon Medical Centers team have years of experience helping Florida residents recover from injuries to their ankles. For ankle fractures, we address both the treatment of your injury and the management of your pain, as well as design a physical therapy plan that is best suited to you.

No matter how your injury was caused, we make certain that you have the medication that will lessen your pain levels while working together to guarantee that you regain both strength and mobility in your ankle. An ankle fracture can have a dramatic effect on your ability to move around, work, or even rest, so we prioritize the treatments that get you back to a life without pain, and the ability to do all that you want to do without limit. Your physical therapy plan for an ankle fracture will most commonly consist of:

  • Stretching exercises: These will help to build up the strength of the muscles surrounding your ankles and will have a positive effect on your flexibility and mobility. By strengthening the muscles around your fracture, we also help you protect your fracture and limit the potential for further injury.
  • Resistance exercises: Once the initial pain has subsided to a sufficient degree, we will then start introducing resistance exercises. These will not only speed up your recovery but give you a stronger foundation that will limit your exposure to future ankle incidents.
  • Walking exercise: When you can start to support your weight, we will then start to increase your walking ability, as this will work to not only improve your balance but also improve your ankle strength.

An ankle fracture should never be ignored. If you have been involved in an accident that is causing you pain in your ankle, then it’s important that you don’t dismiss it. When it comes to fractures of any kind, the earlier that you get diagnosed and treated, the quicker that you can return to pre-injury health levels and your lifestyle. If your ankle injury is causing you alarm, then contact the Icon Medical Centers team today. We’ll work with you to ensure that you get the fastest and safest treatment for your ankle fracture and get you back your quality of life.