Auto Accident Chiropractor in Hollywood FL

If you’ve ever had a minor back injury, you will understand the devastation that can happen and how badly it can affect your entire life. Your back is one of the most vital parts of your body to look after. If it is injured, and you start getting problems, then you realize just how much you rely on it, and how much you cannot do if you are suffering from chronic pain.

Here at Icon Medical Centers’ accident therapy clinic in Hollywood, Florida, we are specialists in treating back injuries, especially those resulting from car accidents. We work with our clients to form a personally tailored treatment plan to help them on the road to recovery.

Why See A Chiropractor?

Accident chiropractic doctors are osteopathic doctors that deal with the musculoskeletal system and neuromuscular system. This is concentrated around the spinal area, which includes the whole of your back down to your coccyx and right up to the top of the cervical area where the spine meets the skull.

The most common injuries are chiropractors see are neck and back injuries, such as whiplash, as a result of an impact, or a very quick movement of the spine, back, and the body which could happen in a car accident.

An auto accident chiropractor near you will deal with the underlying problem that you have come in with rather than just treating the symptoms and the back pain using cover-up treatments like traditional medicine tends to do.

Your treatment may include some form of pain killers, especially anti-inflammatory. Still, the central part of a chiropractor treatment includes back pain therapies like skeletal manipulation and muscle manipulation so that you can improve flexibility and help deep tissue injuries to heal quicker.

Chiropractors at Icon Medical Centers’ car accident injury clinic in Hollywood are experts at manipulating the spine to improve movement and flexibility. Many patients find that after a chiropractor appointment at an accident clinic they have more flexibility than they had before they were involved in their car accident!

What to expect

You must visit an accident doctor near you within 14 days of your accident if you live in the state of Florida as required by law. It is essential to see an auto injury doctor near you who is a specialist in injuries that are caused by accidents, as they know what to look out for. This includes injuries that you may not even realize you have, some of which may only present after a few days from your accident.

Your chiropractor will go through what happened with the accident and get as many details as possible, as well as doing a full physical exam and ordering extra tests, such as x-rays if those are required.

From here, we will work together on a treatment plan that will allow you to gain movement and flexibility back and reduce your pain. Your treatment plan will more than likely include a pain management plan as well as physical therapy to get you back on your feet and moving as quickly as possible without causing any more problems.

One of our specialist accident chiropractors at our car accident clinic near you in Hollywood can also recommend further treatment, such as surgery if they feel it is necessary for the benefit of your wellbeing.

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